We continue to lose our rights……


Below is an excerpt from thenewspaper.com……

North Carolina Appeals Court Allows HOAs To Arrest For DUI
North Carolina Appeals Court allows armed HOA security guards to conduct traffic stops that would be illegal for police to make.

Rental cops hired by homeowners associations (HOA) can conduct traffic stops that would be unconstitutional if performed by an actual police officer, according to a ruling handed down last week by the North Carolina Court of Appeals. A three-judge panel took up the case of Frederick Lloyd Weaver Jr, who was stopped on April 20, 2012 by an armed security guard employed by Metro Special Police and Security Services. The HOA for the Carleton Place townhomes near the University of North Carolina at Wilmington contracted with Metro for security services.

 No doubt some people will read the story above and say, “What’s the problem?” Others – like me – look at this as another step on our Constitutional rights. 

Look at this situation – we have a guy with potentially four hours of training pulling over a citizen because he thought the guy was going too fast. He has had zero training on vehicle speed indication. He has had zero training on determining the sobriety of an individual. Bottom line – he is not a police officer. A citizen was driving through his community and was pulled over AND DETAINED by another citizen.

People – keep events like this in mind when flipping the switch n the ballot box. Would the person you are voting for agree that this is OK? If so – DO NOT vote for them. It is time we start standing up for our rights and not just settle for the lesser of two evils.


I have a problem with this. 

Do you?




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  1. Shades of George Zimmerman! I smell lawsuits aplenty. The lawyers are no doubt lining up.

    We have an HOA and I hate it – will be (hopefully) selling house in spring and NEVER AGAIN!

  2. If your state has a citizens arrest law then a grandma could arrest you.

    This doesn’t bother me particularly, first of all the lower court ruled that there was an “appearance” of state powers, but the fact of the matter is the guard didn’t have state police powers, they had the same powers as grandma and a cracker jack star. If these rent-a-cops don’t have police powers, why even pull over? Why sit on the curb waiting for the real cops. If you are too drunk or too dumb to realize that you are not speaking to a cop, and that you have no duty to obey this guy, then its you own fault. Fact is this guy did not “conduct traffic stops that would be illegal for police to make.” He is a private citizen, on private property (the HOA), inviting you to stop and inviting you to have a interaction with him. I don’t waive my 4th amendment rights with real cops, why would you let rent-a-cops search you? Even if the person was a cop you have no obligation to speak to a cop, people need to learn to stand up for themselves, insist upon their rights and shut their mouths.

    Cops can lie about not being cops, but civilians can’t lie about being cops, so I will take my chances with a civilian. I much prefer cops who understand that legally they are the same as us, rather than cops who let their police powers and let it go to their head.

  3. That’s my point, this entire interaction was voluntary, and if the guy just got up and left the rent-a-cop could do a darn thing about it or risk assault and false imprisonment charges. That gun is only there for self defense, which IMHO is really the only reason a real cop should use his gun, not to enforce the law, but to defend lives, his own or the publics.

  4. If the arrest would be unconstitutional if performed by a police officer, then it is also unconstitutional when performed by a rent-a-cop.

  5. Can’t imagine why anybody would buy a house in an HOA…for security?? “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” ~ Ben Franklin

  6. I held both a D and a G license here in Fl. for unarmed and armed, the course was longer than 4 hours, but you are right as we were not trained for what was done at HOA. We were taught to observe and report. If they are having that much of a problem with DUI and speeding, hire a real police officer till the problem ceases.

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