Watch this…….something to consider

This video shows what the first 12 hours of a US Dollar collapse might look like.

Let’s hope not!!


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  1. And yes, it could happen that quickly. But as stated above I don’t believe the sheep will respond that quickly. Better hope you have converted your dollars into bullets, beans, and bandages. Cause WHEN it happens (not IF) you won’t be able to buy anything without a wheelbarrow full of paper money.

  2. I believe that this timeline is correct. However I cast doubtful eye on the empty shelves and riots. I give that 72-96 hours after the Dow goes south and buillion goes north.

  3. Earlier I read a little about Zimbabwe’s hyperinflation problem over most of the past decade. Their money’s change in value was just incredible. It didn’t just change by 100%, or 1,000%…tack on more than a hundred zeroes and that’ll be closer to the kind of inflation they had near the end. Zimbabwe eventually started to recover back in 2008, but only after they dropped their own currency in favor of foreign money.

    Hopefully our government’s been taking notes and have learned a little something. One thing that I have some issue with is a comment I heard, which was along the lines of “It’s inevitable that the economy will recover. But it can either be a slow recovery, or a fast one.” And that’s how they justify printing so much money. Have the powers that be considered that we just might ultimately be better off with the slower approach?

  4. similar to what happened with the Rodney King riots in 1992 Los Angeles, but that was for a trial verdict, not something as small as a national economic collapse (Sarcasm intended)

  5. Oh…so. That’s what it,… will look like…when it does happen. Does anyone really, really think we can pay back 17 Trillion dollars? Ever heard of payday loans and why their such a racket? Thanks for sharing Rourke. Spot on as usual.

  6. I tend to agree with other comments that she ‘sheeple’ will take a bit longer to wake up and understand exactly what is happening, but otherwise it is a chilling, realistic view.

  7. I seen SOOOOOOO many of these dam videos, and at THE END OF EVERY FREAKING ONE OF THEM THERES A GUY TRYING TO SELL ME GOLD OR SILVER! What kind of stupid ass is going to buy gold and silver… DO YOURSELVES A FAVOR, BUY BULLETS, FOOD, AND WATER…. In the end they can eat and drink their gold and silver, cause I wouldn’t part with one bottle of water for a whole truck load of their gold and silver… These people have agendas and they want to pray upon the fears of others! Be Sheepdogs ladies and gentlemen, not sheeple

    • Well said, I’ll take what me and my family can live on instead of something as useless as gold and silver.
      Sure, some gold and silver would be good to have so you could sell it when things got back to normal.
      But during SHTF, food, water, shelter, medical supplies, guns and ammo are priority #1.

  8. See,…there you go again with that one-sided your way is the only way. Yes, there is fear market that preys on people. However, there will be a market for trading gold and silver when it hits the fan. I tend to agree with you there are other and cheaper investments to barter and trade. Like for example Dark Chocolate. MUCH cheaper and almost endless shelf life. You don’t think people will be willing to trade something for that sweet precious comfort food after it hits the fan? Just ask the people in WW2 what you could get with stockings, cigarettes, or chocolate. However, I also don’t think smacking people over the head is correct either. Especially, with in-accurate information. Please, stop letting the libertards who are pissing us all off push you into attacking good people. That’s what they want.

  9. Haven’t they already been dumping money?? Isn’t China and other countries looking at getting out of the dollar? Isn’t OPEC already threatening to accept the dollar? Never mind I’m just paranoid!!

  10. But that’s the deal , you and I think about how to pay back our loans BUT they don’t plan on paying back 17 Trillion dollars. It’s not part of there plan they don’t care if it’s 17 or 35 trill. They are going to go till the s&*# hits the fan. Because then they can blame some one else and start over the way they think thing should have been all along.

  11. Good comments. You will need a good scale that measures in grams to weigh the gold and silver and a set of weights for it.

  12. I I apologize capt I know get over zealous with my wording, sometimes it’s too passionate, and after rereading I do see I’m one sided, I only say it because I care, once again I do apologize, didn’t mean it as a offensive remark.

  13. I may have seen this a few years ago, or something very similar. I cannot attest to the time frames of stock market collapse. I don’t know enough about the market. Seems to me that we fell apart pretty fast in 2008. I have warned that OPEC will eventually drop the dollar, though. I feel that is inevitable. I always thought the riots would take a few days, or weeks, right after the government stopped paying out entitlements. I agree that beans, bullets and band-aids are FAR more valuable than gold or silver. My bet is that ammo will be a form of currency here, post financial Armageddon.

  14. Your right rourke, all I’m saying in the end, ” commodities” WILL NOT MEAN GOLD AND SILVER LOL, I may be single minded, but just think about it… A world without commerce, a world without society, I just do t understand anyone who still thinks a peace of metal will have any value, maybe I’m planning on something that won’t happen, I leave you with, I REALLY HOPE YOUR RIGHT.

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