Wanting to form preparedness group

Hello all –

Someone has contacted me that is interested in forming a survival/preparedness group in the Charlotte, NC area.

Here are a few details:

  • Christian family of 4
  • Lives just south of Charlotte
  • Not a newcomer to preparedness – considers himself approx 30% complete in supplies
  • Main concern is economic collapse
  • No anti-government non-Patriot’s
  • Interested in developing a relationship with a few individuals/families
  • Potential goal would be to develop group to join together after a WROL/SHTF event
  • No hate mongers or racists…period!

If you are interested – please send me an email with a summary of who you are and why you may be interested. Email is emergencycd(at)gmail.com .

Thanks –


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  1. Hello I would be interested in getting to know some more folks that are into preparedness . We live south east of Charlotte just out of a small town called Mt Gilead . I am not sure about banding together when the collapse comes because I plain to make my stand here at home but would be happy to be a safe house or friend . I am over half way on my planned preparedness . We are Christian and attend an assembly of God church . I am not a racist or a gun nut although we do like shooting for sport as well as hunting . I am just an old country boy raised on the farm . Feel free to give my e-mail to your friends if you feel I may be someone that fits what they are looking for .

    • I don’t agree with that. Government can be good and serve its purpose – but it should be LIMITED.

      Government today is out of hand.



  2. ‘Nother Robert here.

    I don’t mind limited government. I don’t mind paying taxes for certain things: I like having nice roads to drive on. I appreciate being able to call 9-1-1 and knowing that an ambulance, fire dept. or police will come to my aid. I like having a prison system to keep the psychopathic predators in society under lock and key. Beyond those things, and a few more, I do think that the government is in need of, as made famous in an episode of Seinfeld, “Shrinkage”.

    • Robert –

      Ahh yes -I think we are certainly on the same page. “Shrinkage” -at least when it comes to the government is needed.

      I love Seinfeld.


    • Robert – Totally agree. These past decades have had the government lead us in a direction directly to where we are now – on the brink of collapse.


  3. I have been looking for agroup for about a year.We have talked before at eastcoast patriot’s meetings.Please E-mail me so that we can talk on the phone or meet I live in south Charlotte,retired military and enjoy the shooting sport’s

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