Want to Build a Fallout Shelter? Here are a few ideas……

Here are a few old Civil Defense fallout shelter plans. I love old Civil Defense-era material. I remember as a kid going to the local City Hall and picking up brochures and booklets as I wondered if there would be a nuclear war some day. I was just a kid back then but reading through those pamphlets somehow made that kid feel safer. I imagine that my parents thought I was one weird 5th grader doing all that reading about nuclear war.

Check ’em out.









See more plans and information related to Civil Defense/Nuclear War in the Download Section of this website.

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4 thoughts on “Want to Build a Fallout Shelter? Here are a few ideas……”

  1. Rourke- yes I remember those drill in school.If you see the flash-dash!!(and under our desks we went with a sense of security) Now we know it was a false sense of security -but it helped to calm the beating heart).I have visited a few nuclear shelters for home use that were created in the 50s. Thank God they never had to be used.

    JBernDr. Yes !!! Amen. Arlene

  2. Thanks to those brave men and their sacrifice on D Day to free the world. Thanks to all the soldiers who have served their country! God bless America.

  3. Don’t be too sure we won’t need something like this again, and maybe sooner than you think. If you look at our history, it’s being repeated.

    After WW1, we retreated into isolationism. The thought was we were protected by two oceans and we didn’t need to be involved in European squabbles. You know the story. September 1939 we had something like 300,000 in the armed service, no air force to mention, armor was iffy, and the navy was based on the WWI approach of battle ships. After WW11, same thing. We went from 8.25mm men in the service to just about the same thing as prior to the war. N. Korea invaded the south because they were confident the US couldn’t and wouldn’t respond. And now, here we are again. Obama is gutting the military. He is purging the officer corps, he is cutting the budget, he has ships in port for lack of money for fuel to go on cruises. Meanwhile, our enemies are becoming more and more emboldened. N. Korea, Russia, China, Iran and all of the various nut case Islamic factions are all slavering watching this country get weaker and weaker.

    Seems to me history is again, being repeated.

  4. Any chance you could put these into your download data base so I can put them on my kindle? The other thing to let people know is that you can go onto the University of Wisconsin library website and download (for personal use only) “So You Want To Grow A Victory Garden” and other gov’t pamphlets from the WWII era. They are free.


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