Walking through the woods…….

This past weekend took the family to a local park Рa rather large park. It is actually more of a nature preserve really. Anyways Рwalked and walked and walked Рgreat time. Loving spending time outdoors and valued the time with the family there. Took a few pictures Рfigured I would share.

Time to explore......
Park is well kept
Lots of hiking paths
"Where the bathroom?".......everywhere!!!
Came across this campsite - beautiful view
Large lake....fishing & canoeing
Hope to do some fishing sometime
Suspension bridge
No - not a member of the family.
Park shelter
Awesome fireplace in the shelter

Getting out in nature once in awhile and listening to the wind blowing through the trees and hearing the birds chirp – very settling. Kinda puts things in perspective.

Need to make it happen more.


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2 thoughts on “Walking through the woods…….”

  1. Based on picture number 9 (counting down from top), we now know Democrats visit our public parks.

    Good family time experience, hope the kids had fun.


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