Wake up women who still believe there are no shortages

Wake up women who still believe there are no shortages

 by Brenda

“Lie long enough and they will accept it as truth,” this was the statement of one of Hitler’s initial staff. It can be said today right here in America. The “Rebel” flag is an example. Accepted as the ‘flag of Dixie’, it was not the official flag of the southern confederacy but rather of a northern Virginia regiment.

“Food shortages are a figment of the extremists”. If this were a true statement why, is the U.S. Government, corporation leaders, and others of the elite in society, stock piling food?  Putting up food for leaner times has been recommended since before recorded history. It is referred to in Biblical writings and the ancient Egyptians store-housed grains. In the years since affordable cold storage, Americans are fooled into believing their favorite foods are readily available year-round. However, embargo’s, war, drought,or pests/plant diseases in other countries could quickly deplete supplies filtering down to your neighborhood grocery. In the last two years drought here in America has greatly depleted grains, veggies, and beef supplies and most are now imported with China a large supplier. 
Post 1960’s American women were entering colleges, the work force in larger numbers than seen in World War II. With this and changes in the American economy, many women did not adopt the ‘put up for the lean times’ attitude of their mother’s. Thus, the ‘buy it as I need it’ mindset began.


I do not rely on one source for news and I hope you do the same. In the end, we as individuals must research before we blindly believe what others are saving.
I have seen gas, water, and other “now” essentials in shortages world-wide. 
We are still the best country that I have ever seen. But, I strongly believe we need to begin learning the ways of our mother’s and grandmother’s and put up foods beyond stocking the family freezer. Be the care takers of your family, skip the fast foods and cook in bulk for multiple meals, can or dehydrate seasonal foods and meats. You might be ‘well off’ today but, how long can you hold out without a paycheck. ~~~And don’t even get me started on relying on the government to give you money….


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  1. How often have we seen the price of a barrel of crude effected by the slightest thing, from foreign infighting to hurricane damage to nothing more than rumors, it happens daily. Food is no different other than that we don’t see daily shifts in pricing. Corn is a good example; Shortages due to environmental and economic influences along with the demands of ethanol production have caused corn prices to skyrocket. Raw costs, beef and pork prices, anything with corn as an ingredient has risen. Some ranchers have claimed to have been forced to limit production because of food stock availability. Farmers and ranchers profits are iffy at best, especially the small scale producers, who offer the best quality control and nutrition. In tough times FOOD will will be the most valued and hardest to acquire necessity…. many will be forced to go without, and we know what this will cause… this is why we need ammo.

  2. Brenda, Very good post-thanks.Now more than ever we must stock up and prepare for the reasons you stated as
    well as the intense dependency we have on oil ( trucking food ) and electricity (refrigeration).Many people are availing themselves of local farm markets which help the farmers and the customers.From drought
    and floods corn and beef and pork will soon skyrocket.
    We have always raised our own organic beef.(and no longer can due to our age and physical limitations) I would encourage everyone to learn about proteins from vegetables so you can substitute because meat may become too expensive .(beans, tofu ,soy )It is going to get worse not better. God help us all.Arlene

  3. Brenda, a great post, knowing how to do these things may be a life saver. I keep reading about the government confiscating food if the SHTF. I was getting food items from the Morman Church cannery till they had to stop packing at locak sites, I wonder if big brother feels ikt is easier to raid a few large canneries than a lot of kittle one?

  4. Wow, these are great comments to the posting and I agree totally. Sometimes my mean side gets the best of me though, We get made fun of for being proactive and remembering history both family and the country,we exercise our common sense. Yet those don’t prepare should except what happens to them and leave us alone.

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