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  1. I hope I voted for you. I hit your “VOTE 4 ME”. However, when I opened that link, found MSO and clicked on it, I was just sent back here. You know how dumb I am on the “Devil Box”! Good Luck!

  2. Whoa..! that was a little shocker. When GrammyPrepper said lots of competition she wasn’t kidding. So, does that mean we are literally ranked 5 overall? You got my vote Rourke. Whenever the conversation comes up to prepping I always tell them about your website Rourke. Sorry brother, but I do not like things on Facebook. ESPECIALLY, things I really like. :o) I’m guessing you guys are kind of seeing I like to stay under the radar…heh. Not hiding, just under the radar. Speaking of which I just encrypted my whole computer hard drive this weekend. Good luck getting ANY of my information.

  3. MSO got my vote. As of 10:50 a.m. on 12/30 MSO was still in #5 spot. My questions is what does it mean by “votes in” and “votes out?” The site had 41 Votes In and 171 Votes out

    • MI Patriot –

      I think the way it works is if you enter the site from MSO – that is a vote in. If someone comes to MSO through that site – that is a vote out.


  4. Voted for you Rourke Modern.. You are the best !!
    Hope you win. Everyone have a Happy and Healthy and Blessed New Year !!!
    We are expecting a major Northeaster snow storm here.
    We are prepared.The woodstove has been going 24-7. Arlene

  5. here’s what I figured about the voting portion..hehe. I tested, from only 2 locations and 2 computers. My mobile work laptop and 1 from my 100’s at home. Part of it’s recording methods for a vote is based on IP addresses,(External IP address). I mean I have multiple ways of changing IP’s to register a vote from multiple devices, but I will not intentional cheat. Only wanted to confirm. So pretty much it’s honest to goodness straight forward voting. I’m sure some of us tried refreshing at least once? :o) I found it interesting that some sites seem to have a lot more in/out votes than us. I found it more interesting for example: website, (without going to there site to give them an out vote)
    – is in Queensland, AU.
    – Has only been around for right about 1 year. Since Creation Date: 10-Jan-2013
    – and is being hosted by “Hostgator”

    I’m guessing since a lot of Australia is avid outdoor country their going to have more self-reliant people. That combined with the fact they already found out what a Fascist Govt is like. Their going to have more users I guess. Regardless, we are still 4th. Rourke,..your hard work clearly is paying off. Thank you for all you do and all who contribute.

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