Video:Destruction of US Healthcare- Why Obamacare SUCKS

I probably don’t have to tell everyone here my thoughts on Obamacare and our current state of government. “Disappointing” is being polite. BUT – try to take the time to watch this video. Makes a lot of sense.



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  1. Everyone has a story on healthcare and insurance, not many would deny that our system has major problems. It is unfair and un-affordable for to many, Obamacare is going to make it worse. Some will benefit, but the cost will be high for the rest… and not just monetarily. I’ve dealt with Medicare with My wife’s father, my mother and mother in-law. When your father in-law is looking for a few more months of life you will do whatever is needed. When the paper pushers at Medicare say no to $3000 a month medication (a standard life extending drug), you don’t blame the drug companies for the high cost (there’s no time) you fight the government, hoping to convince them to do the right thing, and you stop making your mortgage payments, you run late on you utilities and car payments, you tell the kids that they will have to wait for this or that (we are in a tight spot and they understand) and you buy those pills and try to enjoy the few months of time they buy you. When your on the phone for the 5th time trying to convince someone who makes far more than you and who has far better health coverage than Medicare provides that the MRI the doctor ordered for your mother (who is suffering from intense chronic back pain) needs to be paid for by the medicare system she paid into her whole life you realize just how at risk you really are… then you pay for that $2000 MRI out of your own pocket, after scraping funds and a visit to the local pawn shop. The government has now gotten it’s foot in the door of everyone’s healthcare, if your wealthy it won’t matter much… but for everyone else…. there will be pain…

  2. can you believe, I can’t turn the sound on for this vid at all? has to make one wonder…been having puter/phone issues the past month or two since I got more involved in prepping community….*things that make you go hmmm* but John, I hear your pain…I had high hopes for reform to insurance/medical care but it wasn’t well thought out and pushed thru too quickly and not enough real change made…esp since congress/govt was exempt from changes…THAT is the key…if its good enough for you and me, it dang well better be imposed on those who represent us…

  3. No matter, this too shall pass. It will most likely collapse in on it self and bankrupt our country. I fear none but the LORD. I personally am as ready as I will ever be. Hold on and be strong…God Bless.

  4. In order to fix the health system we need to make a critical distinction between *HEALTH CARE* and *HEALTH INSURANCE*. Health Insurance should only be applicable for when you lose the ‘health lotto’ and get a tumor, or cancer, or find a genetic heart defect, or something along those lines. Health Insurance should *NOT* be used for my kid has the sniffles, I broke my arm while snowboarding, I sat on the couch for 20+ years eating candy and pop and now I have high blood pressure, I/We got pregnant, and so on and so on. Those are health care issues which each person must be responsible for.

    It is like any other type of insurance. Do you make an insurance claim when your house gets a little rundown and needs a new coat of paint? What about an insurance claim for getting the oil changed on your car or maybe replacing a burnt out headlight? NO!

    Basically, people need to take personal responsibility for their own health care and stop trying to get somebody else to pay for it. Personal responsibility: a concept which should apply to all of our current problems…:)

    I would be perfectly willing to pay into a “Catastrophic Insurance” fund which provided 100% coverage for ALL Americans which lose the health lotto. BUT, don’t come crying to me when your diet and lack of exercise finally catches up to you.

  5. Agree with some of your points, Lee. We all do need to take charge of our own personal health, no argument there. But sometimes, folks are dealt a bad hand in the genetics dept. I have a huge family history of cardiac disease and high cholesterol. I watch my diet, I exercise (not as much as i should, of course). But eventually it’s gonna catch up with me…so I keep my health insurance, even tho I don’t use it much…but then again, I have a medical background, and I/my family don’t go to the dr unless it’s absolutely necessary…

  6. I don’t believe for a microsecond, that Barack HUSSEIN Obama cares about millions of Americans without health insurance. There was nefarious intent from the start of this scam. I am no economist, but I have enough sense to realize that adding the massive expense of paying employees health plans is NOT a smart thing to do during a Recession. The businesses that did stay afloat would never hire the lay offs back, or new workers knowing of these increased expenses. My views are quite simple. If you want health coverage for your family, get a job that pays that benefit. I earned coverage through a career in the military. I don’t want to pay for anyone else’s plan. I am actually more worried about the massive federal database that is set up to administer this monstrosity. I can only hope that the Socialists that supported this scandalous takeover of the health care industry, are the folks who lose THEIR elderly loved ones when the bureaucrats deny medical procedures in favor of some young crackhead.

  7. What we are living with Obamacare and govt in general is like a play book from the book Atlas Shrugged….except instead of a motor we have US, the people that are producing are the ‘MOTOR’ of the world.

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