Video: When Will the SHTF?

This is probably one of the most asked and thought about questions by preppers all over as they consider their preps, finances, and plans. When will it all come crashing down? Will it ever? Do we have a year left? 5 years? 10 years? A discussion on this topic could go on for hours……



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  1. In reply of when the SHTF, be aware that this coming Jan.2014 you will see a bank failure like you have not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930’s, right now China is on the verge of a collapse, and when it does it will be the “shot heard around the world”, so all I can say is now is the time to prepare for the VERY dark days that are coming. The Bible speaks of a time of “trouble such as their never was, not even in Job’s time” We have three months to get ready! how about you? are you ready for the time when TSHTF? be prepared or be left behind. Don

  2. In recent months, the big banks, stock exchanges and futures exchanges have been having temporary shut-downs… beta-testing when they will finally go lights-out and haul off with the booty.
    On top of that, looking through my cash stash and all subsequent cash that came into my hands… you won’t see any US cash money minted later than 2009. In other words, getting cash out of the system now and trading in that cash for survival preps is priority. There isn’t enough cash to cover all of the depositors in the system… not enough to cover the $12 trillion worth that the banksters are eyeing up to steal.
    We really do need to have our money out of the system NOW.
    I’ve listened to a number of experts that said they think we will have this last Christmas shopping season and the crash will come sometime, probably early, next year.
    Right now I have my cash stash and I’m putting everything else into silver and gold.

  3. Have as little in any various electronic form, but most of your dollars should be in tangible preps, I believe James Wesley, Rawles says, Beans Bullets and Band-aids.


  4. I’m more of a mind that we are already well into the fan splattering fecal matter all about the place. I’m naturally suspicious when folks suggest “we’ve got 3 months” or “this will be an overnight event”, I mean if we’re talking economic collapse. Yes, things can happen fast (lose your job Monday morning and just like that your thinking about homeless shelters and pawn shops) but I believe we are traveling along the ‘slow & steady’ trajectory of decreasing opportunity and lessor freedoms, and we’ve been set on this course for our own benefit… don’t ya know… I think it’s fair to say that “those in government” enjoy their elite positions and will eagerly do “whatever” to keep them. Their ability to print money, insist that red is blue and that down is up is limitless and the people’s credulity is endless, yes travelling the road to serfdom will take some time. It doesn’t take much effort to see the evidence that we are well into ‘something worrisome’. Look at any population dense area, economic, cultural and societal decay is obvious… and spreading. Today, for every private sector job created, 75 SNAP benefit recipients are enrolled…. There was a time when K-STREET reflected exactly what was happening to the people, know it reflects QE3 & government awarded contracts. The fan blades are dripping with excrement already, I don’t need a time frame… I need more beans and bullets….

  5. i am seriously considering cashing out my 401K and paying the fines. I’m just too freaking concerned about where we are headed…I don’t know enough about finances, but I’m thinking I need to do this soon

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