Video: Water Purification and Filtration

Great video from ModernSurvivalOnline sponsor – Short discussion on different options to handle water purification and filtration.



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  1. This fella had little good info that hasn’t been shared over and over. Everything he had to share can be found on the left or right ad. bars of this blog. His monologue.. could be about 4 mins. shorter. And Yes.. I have had my morning coffee, two eggs and toast and am in a pretty good mood for a Saturday morning. This guy just had nothing to say.

    • Thomas –

      I don’t think the video was meant to be an end-all, all informative, totally encapsulating video encyclopedia covering every possible aspect of making water safe to drink. I think the video was informative.

      Oh – don’t forget your Geritol! 🙂


  2. He is selling a product. I agree, low information density.

    My favorite filter is the Katadyn classic pocket filter. Well made and designed with a 20 year warranty and capacity of 13,000 gallons. What more can anyone ask of a filter? I have one in deep reserve and each of our BOBs are equipped with one. There is no substitute for quality. See:

    The video recommended clean cloth as a pre-filter. I have several dozen coffee filters in the Katadyn bag. I use a rubber band to secure part of a filter around the water intake and drop it into the water.


  3. One thing that you guys might have noticed over the past year or so is that it has become almost imposable to find bleach that is not scented in some way.
    I wrote Clorox about this and they told me that they no longer make the old unscented bleach. Bleach only has a 6 month life. Some have suggested using a pool shock product or HTH.

  4. Good thought Thomas. Everyone should have a supply of pool shock or similar. Remember however that pool shock is extremely corrosive and anything nearby that can rust will. I keep my pool shock in a plastic container outside.


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