VIDEO: Watch This Incredible Long-Range Rifle Shot From Nearly 1.5 Miles Away



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  1. Awesome! There are some videos of combat operations in Afghanistan, where the NATO snipers are engaging Taliban at distances in excess of a mile. They were all using a Barrett Cal.50. The impact of the rounds blasts the diaper-head up in the air, sometimes 20 or 30 feet!

  2. Never… never… never… never… never provide a stationary target when ‘moving’ through open terrain. Make like a small fur bearing animal and keep yer buttockezs in the high weeds, brush, trees. Doesn’t appear that any sort of over watch woulda helped does it?

    That second round… Wind yaw while coming down to the plate?

  3. Has to be to get a keyhole like that. Doesn’t matter-you’d be terminal. Some guys can shoot the gnat off an elephant’s ass at 1,000 yards. This is the guy who shoots the mite off the gnat’s ass. Definitely not somebody you want looking for you. It’s lone wolves with these skills that give the Secret Service Presidential Detail fits and nightmares. There is a BIG musical festival in Dubuque, Iowa this week-end, and the Holiday downtown was absolutely filled with FBI, SS, State Troopers from Saturn, Deputy Sheriffs from Neptune, and so many regular cops from as far away as Pennsylvania. The city of 58,000 sits partly on the flats along the Mississippi and the rest is on 200 foot plus bluffs of limestone. The dedicated LW could have found a hidey hole and just be sitting there waiting.

    I had a pair of 25×125 binoculars scanning the skyline from near the casino on the river, and the rooftops. There are many, many buildings with all sorts of oddities on the roofs and sides of the buildings. How they’ll manage security I don’t exactly know, and I do suspect there’ll be s drone or ten up where you can’t really see them but they can see the pimple on your right cheek. To make it worse, the Illinois side is heavily forested, and for a person with these capabilities 1/2 mile ain’t that far. I’m doing good if I can keep them all inside the 8 ring at 600 yards, but this individual is definitely somebody I’d want working for me and not against me. That 300 grain bullet will just make you explode into a lower half and an upper half if he makes a gut shot on you; the hydrodynamic forces will separate you like an M-80 would a watermelon. I wanna be like him, but even a heavy bullet from a .300 Weatherby would be problematical at best. No, we don’t want Obasturd, who will be there, to go down that way; we don’t need to become a banana country, but if the prick would get drunk and trip and break his neck I wouldn’t shed a tear for him. Anybody got a good guess as to what the coriolis effect has on a shot like that 1.5 miles is? I’m thinking about 3.5 feet or so??

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