VIDEO: War Stock…..Storing ammo at the retreat

Another great video from SouthernPrepper1.

What do you think?


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  1. the fella puts out quite a number of videos. In this house we store ‘it’ in new cans with even amounts in each along with a homemade kitty litter drypack. it is stacked like we store our canned goods and rotated through our IDPA and TDI training each year. We too look at ammunition as insurance and a long term investment not unlike our PMs. Our ‘stack’ grows slowly and never fails to increase beyond our ‘practice’ rotations.

  2. I have put my ammo into vacuum sealer bags – like the food saver. I then take and place that ammo cans ( plastic with a gasket ) 50 cal. and store it away. No rotation yet anyway. I started prepping a few years ago, so I’m not sure it’s time to even give that another thought.

  3. Another note as I had lost track over the years of my ammo purchases. As I inventoried what was in my home and brought home all that was at work, it became apparent (in the midst of ammo-mania) that the dollar-value of its entirety was too great to keep in one place.
    One lucky burglar (with a couple hours and couple pick-ups) could haul off ($XXX) worth of ammo alone.
    If you amass your own personal, ammo-fort, it may be due diligence to parcel it to several separate, trusted, locations. (Family, etc)

  4. Good Video but he does need to get those cans off the concrete floor (it looks like one, but might not be)to prevent moisture transfer. He could run a couple of 2×4 under the cans to prevent it.

    I Number my cans and have a spread sheet with what is each can. If I pull ammo I just adjust to count on the spread sheet. I label the outside with amount/caliber as well but in my case I just use duct tape. I would not use 5 buckets though because some people will not be able to move them. Good idea on his transferring it over the .50 cal cans. I have ammo going back to 1993 and have pull some for training and it still goes bang. It did have a little more spark to it exiting the barrel when we were night firing, but shot just fine.

  5. I have a semi-similar set-up. I put my ammo in cans, or plastic containers like they sell at Cabelas or the Sportman’s Guide. I do not store all the same caliber in a can, though. Each can contains between 150-210 rounds of .223 REM, 50 of pistol calibers .45 ACP, .357 MAG, .38 SPL, .45 LC, plus 25 of .12 GA #00 & .20 GA 2/3BK, 10 .12&.20 GA Slugs and 500 .22 LR. I also mix some .410 PDX, #000 and #4 shot. I number the cans and record everything on an Excel Spreadsheet. I have not rotated anything yet, other than those moisture absorbing packets that go from blue to pink. I believe ammo may be the next currency, in a prolonged SHTF situation.

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