Video: Trans-Pacific Partnership

If you have watched the first two movies in the Atlas Shrugged series – this video is going to sound familiar. This is very concerning and the United States is leading the effort.

Thanks Harriet for sending this in…..

Check it out –





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  1. Thanks for the heads-up. This needs to be blasted out of the water. I’m sending out emails to everyone I know to try to keep this information alive,

  2. It appears our king is at it again. I keep thinking of how many people said to me when he was elected that he could not hurt the country, I hope they are chocking on their words.

  3. Obama, as I have always said from the beginning is as cunning as a jehova witness spreading lies, but putting it in a way that the most deceptful lie sounds like truth. I hope Obama supporters have opened their eyes to the truth…..God bless America….

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