VIDEO: Top 5 Antibiotics for SHTF Storage

I have posted this video previously  – quite a while ago. Antibiotics are something that I have been stocking up recently. My main source has been They seem to have very good prices and super fast shipping.



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  1. Kevin, it appears that everything I am reading about drug expiration is false. The Drug companies and Government have come up with a generic date they use so current stocks can be rotated. According to Dr Bones, if you keep them in a cool, dark place, they will keep almost forever. I have stopped throwing pills/capsules away and just hoard them for use “just in case”. Liquids I believe do have a shorter shelf life. Not an expert here, but it all seems to make more sense.

  2. I have used fish antibiotics for years. I have worked disasters for decades and was a medic in SF,s. Just make sure there will be no allergic reactions.Have an Epi pen close.
    I had a friend in supply who told me the med packs that is kept around the Country are kept 10 years minimum. Then they are shipped to 3rd world nations.

    Tetracycline has been a concern, but I have heard the formula had been change, but so far I can’t get anyone with direct knowledge to talk about that.

  3. Hypothetically speaking, how would one learn to convert dosage from one species to another? Say from 40 gallon aquatic tank to 165lb bipedal mouth breather?

  4. Fish antibiotics – not when I have access to human products. Folks, I’ve figured out a way to stockpile human antibiotics and am puzzled that so many others have not a clue. No, don’t ask me how – figure it out for yourselves. I keep mine in .30 cal ammo boxes along with desiccant which is most important because moisture rapidly degrades antibiotics. The ammo boxes are then stored in a refrigerator set at 45F. The sources I’ve consulted inform me that properly stored antibiotics (and there is one exception where expiration date must be adhered to), tell me that these temperature and moisture protected antibiotics will last multiple decades. If I loose temperature containment for a long period, then protected from moisture and kept cool, the antibiotics still have a decade before seriously degrading. My thoughts, PR

  5. Apologies folks, I should have mentioned that taking expired tetracycline class drugs including doxycycline can damage the kidneys. That is the major exception I mentioned previous. Unfortunately, tetracycline is a broad spectrum drug effective against both gram positive and negative bacterium. It is a treatment for everything from malaria to brucellosis to anthrax (and you ranchers know brucellosis as Bang’s disease that is caused by eating unsterilized meat or milk (as an aside, I once breakfasted with the Maasai and was very worried about brucellosis as the meal was mainly raw cow blood). Please discard expired tetracycline and no, I’m not a physician but have professional exposure to medical microbiology) but yet I must disclaim offering medical advice.
    (See: PR

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