Video: One reason America is in the shape its in….

Take a look at this video. Although it is rather humorous it does provide some insight to the passive nature of citizens and shows how uninformed the public is (which keeps voting these crooks in).  Thanks “D.” for sending this in.





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  1. and now we see FIRST HAND just how dumb we have become. I could expound upon this for pages and pages but I will stop for now!!!!!

    Don’t know if IDIOTS cover this but I know that adam henry’s does.

    Keep prepping folks as this is what we have waiting for us!!!!

  2. This guy is great. Half the time he just rambles on and people usually sign his petitions. One of his videos was getting people to sign up to legalize abortion after a baby has been born. Actually the words he used was “4th trimester” abortions. Another petition was for “mandatory euthanasia” for senior citizens!!!! Whenever I see his videos, I just shake my head in despair because these people breed AND THEY VOTE!!!

  3. The reason American in the Shape it’s in the America people put it there. As long as you give people will take and get lazy you quit giving people will go back to work and put this County back were it need to be. Someday the American People will be livening eather in a card bord box are a pine box,

  4. D, thanks for the insight of what our education system is teaching, at one time they burnt books, now they just don’t teach subjects such as History. I wonder if this is why you see some ammo marked for Zombies?

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