Video of the Week – Physical Fitness

Here is the first installment of a new regular feature here at ModernSurvivalOnline – Video of the Week. Every Friday a new video will be featured.

Now – this doesn’t mean that there won’t be video’s on other days – but every Friday for sure.

Here is the first:


He is absolutely right – fitness is important.

Time to go do some push ups……


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  1. I personally think that fitness is the most important part of preparedness. You can have all the gear and food but if your a big fat sloth then it all doesn’t matter because you will have a heart attack while chopping wood or something. I know that I have a about 20 pounds that I need to get rid of to be at my optimum weight. I have an exercise plan based on my past military training and I will drop the weight and be back in shape by the end of June. After I hit my weight goal then it is time to put a sand bag in my rucksack and go out and run with the extra weight. It works well.

    • Badvoodoodaddy –

      Same here – I have about 15-20 pounds I would like to drop.

      Working on a program myself.

      Will post about it shortly.


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