Video of the Week: “We’re building a domestic army…..”

I would like to shake this guys hand. He does an excellent job of establishing the point that to many it appears that a civilian version of the military is being built. “For what purpose?” is a question that many are asking.

– Rourke



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  1. Unfortunately this is the truth. From training and tactics, gear and armored vehicles to drones, America’s police force has been militarized. A Google search will reward you with a chilling number of early morning, door splintering home invasions by those charged with protecting us…… and for what…. a minor unpaid fine, a wisp of unfounded suspicion or perhaps because of the -made up- threat posed by a live off the land, mind his own business old codger with an eccentric habit of stockpiling ammo and food and who holds a healthy disdain for authority figures. Last I checked… and it wasn’t recently… there had been some 3000 applications by law enforcement for -drone flying rights-…. I feel safer already. The rise of the warrior cop betrays a battlefield mentality, S.W.A.T. arose from the civil rights movement of the 60’s. What is driving the gearing-up of today? Crime, terrorism, civil unrest? Much of this build-up is lead and fed by DHS, perhaps they see the writing on the wall. They can’t stop the train before the tracks run out, so best get prepared for when the long creeping discontent of the citizenry finally boils over. Used to be that justice was a blindfolded women holding a set of scales, now it’s Lois Lerner taking the 5th, maybe the boiling point isn’t that far off. One of the hardest, most challenging duties of free people is to take the power back from the powerful, they cling to it relentlessly…. we should all learn -smoke signaling- it may be the only way to communicate in secret.

  2. I’ve watched this one on SGTReport. Ohio State ‘Police’, Lucas County and the Toledo Police all have some very nice ‘surplus’ gear and I really like the matching paint jobs on the Statee MRAPs. What is a prepper to do? What is any prudent boy or girl to do? What Act of God would merit this sort of armored response. Ah the questions that come to mind and the ‘solutions’… that you dare not express on line or in public. I’m not wining… just putting my mental ducks in order. Wondering just how one would stop such government breach of order. Hummm…

  3. As our ruler once said he needed a national civilian police force with the training, equipment, and capabilities of the military, beats trying to declare marshal law.

  4. My prediction is deliberate economic collapse, with the intent of establishing Martial Law. I can hear Barry already “See, Capitalism does not work. We will have to try my form of government (Socialism). We (the federal government) will make everything fair. We will protect you. We will provide for you. All you have to do is turn in your weapons and comply…..” I don’t think that Barry trusts the military to carry out plans that contradict the Constitution, so he built the Department of Homeland Security into an army to enforce his tyrannical objectives. I realize that both sides of the political aisle contributed to the fiscal mess that we’re in. But, since the Tea Party identified the potential financial disaster caused by insurmountable national debt, any leader that advocates spending more than the Treasury takes in, is guilty of plotting to destroy this country. They should be voted out of office. Uncle Sam borrows 46 cents on every dollar spent! How is this sustainable? How long can any family accrue debt before the bill comes due? We’ve had years worth of deficit spending after the dangers of economic meltdown were identified. We had no budget at all from the Administration or the Senate. Every time the House of Representatives attempts to reign in spending, or address required fiscal reductions, there is a threat of government shutdown. I concur with this Marine Colonel’s shock. How can the people ignore these issues. I know that the Main Stream Media is working overtime to protect the Administration and to hide the problems. But, the information is still out there. The militarization of police forces is obvious. The government attempts to disarm the citizens is no secret. If we (patriots) want to save our nation, we better do something real quick!

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