Video of the Week: Wake Up Call 2013



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  1. I believe Russian TV is nothing more then a propaganda armn of the KGB that is being used to undermine our country. Anyone who posts RT or stories from RT or the point of view of RT without stating thet the intent is to illustrate the Russian propaganda is simply being a useful idiot.

    • GWTWind –

      I do not know exactly what you are saying – but it appears that you are suggesting I am a “useful idiot”. Whatever. We did not post any stores from RT – merely a video of various news stories from many news organizations.

      I have lost my patience with your constant negativity.


  2. Apparently the wind isn’t blowing hard enough to make this guy be “gone with the wind”. Never got the point ? what is RT?

  3. Rourke: “useful idiots” is a 50s term used by the USSR to denote any Americans who unintentionaly or otherwise furthered their cause. Communist party USA was also lumped into this group. I do not think that GWTW was pointing as dirty a finger as you think at you. Although he does seem to display at times the profile of a thorn.
    Jason: RT is Russian Television, it is in the context of the first post.
    GWTW: Despite the source, all of the clips seem to be from western TV. Although taken out of context they may be assemled to portray something that is not there, in this case I think not. Regardless “know your enemy” is a useful practise. Regards, D.

  4. I have been harping on many of these same topics for years. Of particular note, the targeting of Christians as potential terrorists while the Obama Administration panders to the Moslems. How any American can buy into the Department Of Homeland Security’s new definition of enemy (Christian veterans with strong reverence to the Bible, the Constitution and the flag and advocating fiscal responsibility) borders on treason in my mind.

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