Video of the Week: The Grey Man Directive

Good video from  on YouTube.

He wrote a related article on his website –



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  1. Soon we may all follow the grey man creed. We will all blend in, indistinguishable from each other, wearing dirty, tattered clothes, holes in our shoes. All carrying long sticks with satchels tied to the ends made from bandannas and holding the last of our treasured possessions. Hobo camo will be the new black.

    • JP –

      I have to say that must be the most depressing comment anyone has ever left.

      Congrats!!!! You get the prize. Prize? Yes – a 5 foot broomstick with the broom part broke off – perfect to hang your little satchel on.

      Don’t forget duct tape for the shoes.

      Take care – Rourke

  2. I liked the information and some of the gear he showed. I particularly liked his helmet choice, as a military grade helmet is not really practical, for most people.

  3. Good video and very well done article. Thanks for sharing this Rourke.

    I know that some survival experts or proponents of getting out soon to a bug-out location and in an ideal world, I think many of us would like to do just that. However, for most, this is not realistic nor practical. Since my eyes were opened to just how dire our situation is, I believe bugging-in, especially in a suburban environment, is responsible. That said, any good planner should have a secondary and tertiary safe place to relocate to should you have to leave your primary.

    I plan on sharing this with friends and other readers.

    In Liberty,

    • Zoomie –

      Thanks for the comment and you are correct. For many it is not realistic to just relocate. Although – I am in the middle of reading Creekmore’s “Dirt Cheap Survival Retreat” and it is really good so far. Getting me thinking of a secondary location.

      Take care – Rourke

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