Video of the Week: The Coming American Civil War


Here is this weeks Survival and Preparedness Video:


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  1. I could be wrong, but I think that her ‘years’ may become months. So, 5-50 months may be the timetable.

    Too much is happening too coincidentally. The wider swings in stocks, gold and silver prices. The wider discrepancy of values reported indicating improvement in the economy versus the increases in people collecting food stamps, unemployment and welfare. The real world numbers don’t support the gov’t reported ‘trends’ as they try to portray them.

    We have some time left. Though, less now than we had a year ago.

    I hope we don’t break up along the lines she mentioned, but that closely resembles what a Russian economist predicted a few years ago when he compared us to the breakup of the USSR.

    The writing is on the wall. How many see it? Is there a way to counteract the vision?

  2. PN is so right. The thing is that in a collapse people will become so cruel it will boggle the mind. You think the African tribal wars are nasty, just wait and see what’s coming! The fact is each faction will think they are the ones who are right, instead of pulling together.We all for the most part who have been holding on to basic necessities, will find it hard to hold them when the word gets out where they are. No matter how clandestine you try to be somehow you will be found out. PN is right about getting all your groups together, stick together circle the wogons, it’s going to be a rough ride. Pray like you never prayed before!

  3. I agree with patriot nurse. We are on the edge of one of the potentially brutal 4 sided ethnic conflicts ever. and with Obummer prepping the factions for a race war it will get ugly. People are going to have to sink to a level they don’t even know exists just to scratch out an existence. I always send people to look at the conflicts in Chechnya and Argentina for a glimpse into the future. It will be like Mad Max

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