Video of the Week: “The Awesome Little Kel-Tec Sub-2000” by Nutnfancy

I have been looking for one of these Kel-Tec Sub-2000 9mm carbines for several months. No luck and hard to come by. With the ability to accept 33-rd magazines – or a standard 17-rd Glock mag – makes for an inexpensive and compact carbine.

In this video Nutnfancy does a complete review of the Kel-Tec. This is not a short video – but well done and informative.

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  1. Very good video. I have been looking for one of these bad boys for a while now. They are hard to find. I either want the 9mm or the .40 cal. The fact that they fold up and can go into a back pack.

    • Badvoodoodaddy –

      Yeah – good value for the price. I am still looking. Going to a gun show soon and will check there – as well as other online outlets.


  2. This was an awesome review, it actualy has me considering adding it to family arms battery. Worth looking into when you look at the city/urban-jungle land AO. short range, fast action, confined spaces and being able to carry a good ammo supply on you with little weight

  3. Got one in 9mm paid $399.00 and had to order direct from Kel Tec who then shipped it to my FFL. This was my first experience with anything Kel Tec and had always assumed they were a little cheap and not too good. I was wrong. Thing shoots like a dream and is accurate as hell right out of the box, even with the cheap plastic “iron sights”. I have shot very close groups at 50 meters with iron sights. If you put optics on it you will lose the ability to fold it up. Two big thumbs up from me.

  4. Correction on my last post. It was at 25 meters and not 50 meters. I have not shot it at 50 meters ever so would not know how it performs at those distances. Still recommend though.

  5. I had one for a long time. Great for a B.O.B. Extremely lightweight and very accurate for a pistol caliber carbine.
    Was very reliable for the most part.

    The only downside was that reliability suffered for B.O.B. usage in that it utilized Glock mags. Over time (and not a very long time when compared to numerous other magazine manufacturers) the Glock mags would take a set and reliability would go down hill (For my work, I needed something that could be stored with loaded mags).

    Just make sure that you don’t keep the mags loaded when being stored for long term usage. Otherwise it was a fantastic carbine.

    Hoping they eventually make one (a pipe dream I’m sure) that accepts XDm mags or even better something that shoots and accepts 5.7×28 pistol mags.

  6. Randall-your post of 10/17 said you bought direct from Kel tec and had shipped to local dealer. When I go to thei website, it clearly says that no firearms (only accessories) are sold thru the site. They must be purchased thru a licensed dealer. How did you pull off the direct sale? Thanks

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