Video of the Week: Survival Firearms

This week I have thrown up several videos related to the topic of survival firearms.

Take a look – lets hear everyone’s opinion as to what you think is the best survival firearm:





Obviously no gun fits every situation – but I have a couple thoughts myself.

I like the AR-7 Explorer for a backpack gun. Super lightweight, can carry 100 rounds easily, and can throw some lead downrange if needed.

In bear country I wouldn’t mind having a Glock 20 10mm riding on my hip. Good power in the cartridge and semi-auto for rapid follow up shots.

Alright – your thoughts?



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  1. There are four guns in I will make sure to have.
    1. Ruger 10/22
    2. Remington 870 Tactical
    3. Ruger P89 9mm
    4. AK-47
    These are my favorites. I also have a Marlin 30/30. Awsome gun. All of my guns are simple engineering and easy to fix, with readily available parts.

  2. I agree with the AR-7. I have the Henry and love it. It is cheap rifle to purchase and the replacement parts for it are very easy on the wallet. As a shotgun I have the Mossberg 535. I just like the safety location when comparing to the remington shotguns.

  3. I like the 10mm cartridge, especially Double Taps 200gr hard cast, gas check, flat nose load. For defense of 2 legged critters they have a 230gr load, 135gr JHP followed by a 95gr round ball, At 25 feet the ball strikes 1″ lower than the JHP pretty consistently. Having said that I have gone back to a 45 ACP for compatibility and carry the Corbon 185gr DPX in the field.
    My 22 is a Ruger 10/22. Put a 1:9 twist barrel on it to use the 60gr Aquila Sub Sonic rounds that hit like a brick. Added a folding stock, fiber optic front and rear peep sight. Soon to get a XS Scout mount and a 2.75x Leopold. Not cheap I really like the round and the gun.
    Tried the AR7 and rejected it. Function issues and the stock was uncomfortable. Starting to build a set of Marlin/Glenfield Model 60’s, for “Guests”. Weight is good, functions well, low cost used, and easy to fix.

  4. Must haves for me are:
    Glock 9mm pistol. Mine is the Glock 19
    AR15 .556 cal. I have several but my go to is a LMT
    Remington 870 12 gauge
    Ruger 10/22 rifle .22 cal.
    Realiable, affordable and plenty of spare parts. Oh and universal calibers.

  5. I forget where I read this, and the exact quote, but one that I’ve been fond of goes something like this…

    The best survival gun out there, is the one that you own, practice with, and that will hit what you aim at.

    If you are my wife, it’s an M1 Garand. My 19 year old son would love an AK-47, but I prefer my AR-15. 2 Glocks sit at the ready for my bug-out, but my wife prefers revolvers. A friend of ours has a 9 year old daughter who would likely stick with a .22 rifle for the next few years, but he’s a 50 BMG nut.

    All around, if I only had to pick one, however… a reliable .22 semi-auto pistol with a bull barrel. They dispatch rabbits and squirrels far more quietly, and deliver enough food to eat before it goes bad. They are loud enough to scare off many larger animals. They’ll dispatch the Two-Legged variety of threats with a headshot, if you take your time. Their small size, and cheap ammo, make for a quick setup for most folks to rely upon for whatever arrives our way.

  6. If I could only have one it would probably be something in 22lr. It’s and overachiever performance wise – though I’d only test that in an emergency situation – accurate, relatively quiet and a lot of ammo can be carried without much weight or space penalty.

    If I could add a second it would compliment the first – if 22lr is a pistol I’d add a centerfire rifle. if it’s 22lr rifle I’d add a centerfire handgun. To maximize versatility I’d probably go with a 30 caliber rifle as it can be loaded with 47 grain on up to 220 grain projectiles at both super and sub-sonic velocities as well as give long range capability. With so many variations of 30 cals out there a one could salvage bullets and powders from other 30 caliber cartridges to make work with simple reloading tools (ie Lee Loader, Lyman 310 tool, Lee hand press & Die set) if times got really grubby.

    A shotgun would also be a good choice though the ammo is bulkier and heavier, it can be very versatile.

    In a survival situation combat is something that I will avoid if at all possible, even if that means abandoning some preps – not only will it drain ammo resources but even a minor wound could be fatal – I’d base my choice of firearms on ruggedness, reliability, accuracy, versatility and portability that are better suited for hunting. If pressed they could be used to be combative though I would probably seek out other options if the likelyhood of hostilities was unavoidable.

  7. For me the 336c 30-30 and any pump .12 gauge shotgun. I prefer a Remington 870. The best firearm really depends on your location. Shotgun for close ranges and the 30-30 for 200 yrds or less. Lets face it, most of us will not need anything that reaches out farther. Both are super reliable. If I can only have one firearm it has to be a .12 gauge and as others have suggested, I would carry for defense only. Looking for trouble will just eat my ammo. Best to avoid trouble and live to see another day. But if circumstances require the shotgun will be my best friend.

  8. I have a couple of Savage 24’s. A .22 mag over 20 gauge and a 30-30 over 20 gauge. Neat guns, but they are single shot and heavy. Paired with a .357 revolver, it would be a decent purely survival set-up.
    If I lived in an urban area, a glock 19 along with a kel-tec sub 2000 would seem to be a good call.
    On the farm, I grab my Mossberg 500 with a light mounted on it for predator control. If we had to leave the farm for some reason, I would carry the Mossberg and a Ruger GP 100, hand the 10/22 to my son, my wife would carry the Mark II pistol, and my daughter the Bearacat revolver. I would carry the mini-14 and L1A1 in the truck as long as we were able to move by vehicle.
    If I had to pick one long gun and pistol from what I currently own, it would be the Mossberg 500 and Ruger Mk II.

  9. Some good advice going on here. The comment about the best firearm is the one you are most comfortable and proficient with hits the nail on the head. In the 1800’s most riders carried a rifle and a pistol in the same caliber. In my case I would use a S&W 44 magnum revolver and my Ruger 44 Magnum Carbine. This is because I have practised by shooting over 10K plus of rimfire. I also reload to make up lighter inexpensive target loads.1911’s, great guns, Glocks, Rugers all are good if you can handle and shoot them comfortably. The cost of ammuniton can be reduced if you reload. I have been doing this for years. The drawback is the cost of startup. So my take on all this is that rimfires are great for practice. Large game should be dispatched with something larger. Shoot with what you shoot best with. Try everything you are offered at the range. AR7’s have their place, mine was designed by Eugene Stoner (designer of the AR15/M16 plus others) and made by Armalite in California back in the early 60’s, everybody else is a copy. Enjoy what you shoot! Hey Rourke, those 10 mm’s are real fun to blast.
    Just a S&W 40 cal. on steroids.

  10. Good Stuff…

    @ StuntMedic….

    WOW! Your battery is EXACTLY like mine.

    I too have a Glock 19 as well as a G21…and am looking for a Glock 17 to round it out.
    I also have a ruger 10/22 with a synthetic stock and ss barrel.
    I also have a Remington 870 as well as a Benelli Nova Pump…both tactical. Both excellent shotguns.
    I ALSO have an LMT STD 16 with sopmod stock. I just put a Tactical Link Z-360 single point mount on it with one of their single point slings.

    Here is the link.

    Watch the video link for a demonstration. Good stuff…it sells itself. I rarely buy stuff online site unseen but these items are as advertised.

    My final rifle is the Tikka T3 Tac chambered in .308

    I would agree with your assesment as well, all easy firearms to work on and all have a real utilitarian use. Simple takedowns and parts are pretty easy on the wallet.

    Also, the LMT is the best “out of the box” rifle I have ever purchased.

    I saw your post and just had to comment. It’s unusual to see someone with the EXACT same weapons set up as yourself.

    Happy shooting!


  11. A few AR7s buried along your bugout route wouldn’t go astray, since the barrel and reciever can be stored in the watertight stock.
    Not good as a go to gun, but if you get seperated from your favourite weapon then its cheap insurance.

  12. good points and firearms mentioned. the only thing i would add would be some kind of small pocket firearm that is easily hidden, carried and used for continual carry and backup purposes, perhaps a p32 or other.

  13. A good, reliable handgun like a Glock 17 would be my first choice and a must have for self defence purposes and always on my hip!

    Next would be a tactical 10/22 with a tactical-solutions barrel and fitted with a good scope and bipod you are able to engage targets at about 200-250 yards, and they will have difficulty pinpointing your position because of the low report of the .22. (Avoiding the fight alltogether would be best!)

    IF I was going for a 3rd gun it would be somthing like a silent night gun like a ruger 22/45 w. a with some sort of reflex sight and fitted with a supressor (that can be put on my 10/22 also). Being able to take out someone out silently supports the “Avoid detction” philosophy.

  14. I think the kel-tec sub 2000 k has to top the list. Folds down to the size of the ar-7, but takes the stronger 9mm round, and the magazines (and ammo) are interchangeable with your hand gun.

  15. Defensive Handgun: Glock 19 or Beretta 92A1 (9mm)
    Concealable Handgun: Ruger LC9 (9mm)
    Shotgun: Mossberg 500 or Remington 870 combo w/ extra barrel (12 ga.)
    Rimfire Rifle: 10/.22 (.22LR)
    Rimfire Handgun: Ruger Mark III, Ruger SP101, or S&W 617 (.22LR)
    Bolt-action Rifle: Savage Model 16, Remington 700, Ruger M77, Winchester 70 (.308)
    Semi-automatic Rifle: SKS, Saiga 7.62×39, M1A, AR-15, etc. (.308, .223, 7.62×39, .30/30…)
    Ruger GP100 (.357, .38)

    Additionally, pickup a Glock 23 w/ a 9mm conversion barrel and a Savage Mark II bolt-action .22LR

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