Video of the Week: Preppers Are Crazy

Many of you may have already seen this. What Sootch has to say……dead on.

Take care all –


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  1. This is a great video and I’m going to pass it along. A few months back a neighbor, with whom I was chatting about preparedness, said “well we know you guys will help us out” and while that is always the case now — I fear it will not always be the case because we simply will not have the resources! I’ve been trying to wake up friends and neighbors. Some are heeding the advice; many are not. One of the things said in this video is extremely important “I won’t take food out of my children’s mouths to feed others”. For those who ignore the warnings, I don’t know how to get that message across. I will send this video out to friends and hopefully they will get the message. Thanks for posting!

  2. Great Video!
    I am getting a little tired of Nat Geo airing mostly extreme preppers, making the whole prepper movement look like a bunch of extremists eagerly awaiting the apocalypse. I only got serious about this a couple of years ago, but if i had seen Doomsday Preppers before that, I would have been VERY hesitant to approach my wife and get things moving, maybe not at all.

    I guess common sense prepping wouldn’t make for very good ratings… especially aired beside shows like Hoarders, Extreme Addictions, and Intervention. It almost makes prepping look like a mental “abnormality” that requires treatment. The way things are going, they should create a new show, an intervention for people who are not hoarding for the safety of their families, they could call it Wake up and Smell the Chaos


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