Video of the Week: Milling 80% Polymer Lower


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Building AR’s  from the ground up using non-registered  80% lowers is becoming more and more popular. Due to the ability to build a non-traceable firearm using this method – I would not be surprised if 80% lowers become a thing of the past.

Polymer lowers offer some intriguing possibilities as they are inexpensive and easier to mill to 100% than their aluminum rother. If you mess up on your first try – your out $50 bucks or so. Not too bad.



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  1. Considering the ease of milling an Alum. 80% lower, trying to save a couple dollars on a disposable receiver is in the long run,foolish. Minus any cosmetic finishing this is at most a 4 hour job on alum. Use a drill press, heavy vise, good jigs and high quality tool bits and careful set up and tool speeds. “Eyeballing”? I don’t think so! More dangerous, half assed instruction. Do it right with quality materials.
    a link to alum. milling video.


  2. Quality work requires quality tools and tooling. As I have 25 years of experience in machine shops and have my own equipment you won’t convince me of anything else. That being said, I have no issues with using a polymer lower as long as its quality. I’ve looked at the 80% polymer lowers and would use one and might. We’ve been building guns out of plastics now for how many years….. My own AR is a Bushmaster Carbon 15….

  3. John G.
    I’ll give you the Polymer receivers (decades long multi Glock owner) but you have to agree that the guy in the clip was anything but a safe, accurate, meticulous machinist. Regards D.

  4. A hand held dremel doe’s not seem to smart for prcision which I think you would want to avoid injury or death when firing the rifle. A machinist and gun smith he is not.

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