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YouTube is an absolutely incredible source of information on almost anything you can think of. Every week we feature a new video related to a variety of topics such as firearms, first aid, gardening, security, food storage, water filtration….and current events. 

Engineer775 presents another great video with useful information. In this video Scott provides one solution for those with Type 1 diabetes and concerned with storing insulin over the long term. This is a project that I started myself some time ago – and then life happened and it got derailed. I must get back to it ASAP.

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  1. When I drove truck I had purchased a small ac/dc frig from Walmart which used a cell for heating and cooling. Normal time to bring it to a good cooling temp was about 12 hours before putting anything in it and it worked well when I was running the engine but would soon drain the batteries if I shut the engine down and kill the batteries. The solar panel system to be a solution as I have seen apartment size refrigerators run on panels and an invertor, they had a running amps use of 10 amps.

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