Video of the Week: Islam, US Policy and Violence: What Nobody Wants to Say


YouTube is an absolutely incredible source of information on almost anything you can think of. Every week we feature a new video related to a variety of topics such as firearms, first aid, gardening, security, food storage, water filtration….and current events. 

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Some may find The Patriot Nurse’s words controversial. I find them factual. The division in this country and the threats against it are growing. Although speech such as this and many things I say may be called “divisive” I know I have converted people and educated others. I believe in the Constitution and the America that the Founders created.

For record I do not believe that all Muslims are terrorist – not even close.



This video was created BEFORE the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California. Very prophetic.



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  1. The Patriot Nurse is great – she says what needs to be said. I have followed her a long long time and am really a fan and have learned lots from her. My medical supplies and references have been really enhanced and have even a few bottlers of ‘fish antibiotics’. I am a retired firefighter and EMT and have lots of skills – mainly rusty but there – need to get up to date and practice practice practice!!! Thanx Patriot Nurse.

  2. Islam=Violence. Always has.

    I am amazed by Cruz, et. al. Trump makes a common sense recommendation regarding the need for prompt immigration control to enhance security and then his party and the world respond in amazement. Even Fox! We are a no longer the Land of the Brave… but the Land of Cowards and the politically correct. What kind of brain operation have these folks had? Home of the Free? Not since we have come to rely on Uncle Sugar for all things.

    With all of the cry and furor regarding the absolute and immediate need to ban all firearms, one never hears a whisper that the one sure method of security is to own and practice regularly with a firearm. Self reliance is a true indicator of real men and women – not cowards. We are rapidly, if not already, becoming a nation of wimps bleating, ‘feed me feed me, protect me protect me.’

    I’ve no respect whatsoever for any of the Republican contenders but Trump (and the I, I, I candidate has problems as well). The great mass of the so called Republicans must be RINOs and are no better than their Democrat peers. Restrict immigration? Unheard of, impossible!

    Folks, I think that much depends upon the coming election. Unless something drastic emerges, I think there is only one candidate for which to vote.

    My views,

    • Agree PR 100%. The public has been so socially and thought-engineered they do not see common sense when it sits right on font of them.

      If they or their families were victims of the recent violence they would think differently and rip that Bernie Sanders sticker off the back of their car.


  3. All –

    It is interesting that since this video went live I have received several messages where people are unsubscribing from the website. Disappointing but certainly their choice. If the reasoning is related to the topic of the Muslim immigration, terrorism, and the reality of what is transpiring and they object to the content – it is what it is. Figured I would pass this along.


  4. She has more stones than 95% of the repugs. . . . . truth is truth. Rourke, if someone leaves this site because of the truth, then they don’t need to be here anyway.

  5. I am glad she said what has been needed for a long time and agree 100%.
    Everyone should spread this message to all their sites as I just did.
    She’s sure a spunky little thing, more true American should be more like her.

  6. About dam time, I’m so sick and tired of this political correctness crap, i’ve been verbally reprimanded many of the sites just for speaking my mind even once on here, so I’ve been buying my time, waiting for the day when people start getting real again, we are all never going to agree ALL the time! Don’t try to change people with a different opinion than your own, we must come together as a country, except that we have major obstacles to overcome, understand that we all come with our own flaws, and except our fellow Americans as Americans, and unite against the REAL enemy!

  7. We used to say that the difference between a conservative ‘hang ’em’ judge and and liberal ‘let ’em go’ judge was personal acquaintance with violent crime.

    After listening to all of the bleating for more protection by taking my freedom in this era of tragic mass shootings, it would appear that not even violent crime is enough to make the ‘I love Clinton/Bernie’ crowd see reason.

    Worse, no one screams louder and more often than the liberal who doesn’t get their way.


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