VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Is America dead already?


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I appreciate SouthernPrepper1 filming this video and taking a stand in it. Man is selling American flags and has them laying on the ground. Shameful. People just walk by and most of them don’t say a word. I remember as a child going out and hoisting the flag up in the morning at school, and then helping take it down at the end of the day. It was drilled into my head that it was NEVER to touch the ground – and that understanding of just how special and precious our country’s symbol is has stuck with me to this day.

Thanks SP1! This video is a good reminder of how far we as a country have drifted away from where we need to be.


After making the above video SouthernPrepper1 made a follow up….see below:

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  1. Thank you for posting these videos. It breaks my heart that people of this nation have so little respect for those who gave so much for them and this nation.

  2. What a shame, I live in a small town of approx 5000, awhile back I noticed the US Flag was absent most of the time from the pole in front of our US Post Office. As in no flag flying period, I kept track of one 30 day consecutive cycle of no flag. I began to question this as most of the postal staff to include the post master were immigrants / former immigrants.

    As I complained about it I got bs excuses, as an American and veteran I took the issue all the way to my congressman. The old postmaster has retired the post office is staffed with Americans and The US Flag is flying on the pole.

  3. Dead?? Maybe, maybe not. In it’s death throws?? I believe so. In the current climate (politically) the left and right are so opposed to each other I believe nothing will ever be done to resurrect the former great US of A. Look at the news, any little thing is used to divide us along what ever lines, color of our skin, class, party. We are a divided house and we are falling. Unfortunately unless we experience another 9-11 or worse we may not ever coalesce again. And even then the extremes like Rosie Odonnel will always believe that it was an inside job and the world sucks because of the Christians and the capitalism we like.


  4. I spent 19 yrs in the Infantry, and am now retired. I have written that check, and by the grace of God it was stamped VOID / Out Of Date. I side with David 100%. I think 1 of the hardest things I have to bare is swallowing my pride, and allowing individuals like the POS at the flee market to act the way they want, and say the things they want to say. Can I get in his face and say what I want? Yes, cause I fought for my rights to do so just as I fought for his rights to act the FOOL. I stood up and served when the old man at the flee market most likely did not, and by doing so I laid my brick in the foundation that allows him to act with such disrespect to all who believe as we do. I’m not sure I could have acted as calm as David did so my cover is off to him.
    SFC Lucian Dean
    US Army_Retired

  5. What a disgrace! I am a Viet Nam Veteran and it would have been very difficult for me to restrain myself from kicking that guys ass; as I am sure it was for you! I would have verbally provoked him to throw the first punch then commenced to open a can of whoop ass on him!

  6. So many .thoughts run through my mind. Everything from violence to pity for that P.O.S. LIBERAL.So many people have fought and died for freedom that piece of cloth represents. I might have found container and solicited donations to save our flag from him, or he would have made a nice candle USE THE BIG FOOT STOMP TWICE11

  7. Back in the 1980s, my family visited Ft. McHenry. That fort flies the biggest United States of America flag (there being no flag representing all of the countries of the the American continent, an ‘American’ flag). As we were there at closing time, the Park Rangers asked for volunteers to help strike the colors and fold the huge flag. “My family would be honored, sir,” I responded. The rangers moved forward to render help and I motioned them aside. My wife and I with the help of our just teenage children successfully and correctly folded the largest of national emblems. But then again, it had for years been the children’s obligation to raise the standard on our family flagpole before going to school and when the faint sound of the bugle at Quantico was heard in the evening, stand by at attention before lowering and folding our family flag.

    My wife and I raised a generation of kiddos who knew flag etiquette and when they were older, attended funerals of friends in flag wrapped coffins. They know the high price of freedom. They render proper respect to, ‘Old Glory.”


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