Video of the Week: How to Suture with Dr Bones



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  1. Thank you I will take this knowledge back to my surival group next week….I learned a lot thank you. William

  2. OK this is good information to know but extremely unrealistic SHTF!!

    Unless you can stock pile this sterile equipment, get prescription for lidocaine and always suture nice clean cuts this is worthless information.

    SHTF the conditions will not be sterile most likely in the field, the wounds will be jagged and deep, meds difficult to find or non-existent, and the stress level sky high.

    Thanks for the info but how about a more “realistic” demonstration here???

  3. The supplies to do this are available and fairly cheap.
    Would you look a gift horse in the mouth?
    The information is NOT worthless. Skill is always more useful than things.
    I suppose a UN observer wielding a “swingline stapler” in the hills of afghanistan, under fire, on a fragmentation wound would be more realistic for you? You would still need some of the info presented here. If you cannot do this somewhat sterile, there is little sense doing it as you will only stitch infection into the wound for later sepsis and most probably death from a survivable wound.

  4. I have taken this course from Doc Bones aand Nurse Amy, ( very nice people) here in Jacksonville, Fl. It was a great course and the hands on is to me the best way. As D said the items are cheap enough at farm supply ,drug stores or Walmart and you caan search on line for all the items you may need. Preppergal35, if it needs to be sutured, it probably a very bad wound and sterility is second. In a SHTF situation, stopping the bleeding comes first and cleaning and use of antiseptics can come later in a safer enviorment, John. PS. If you have a chance to take this class I recomend doing it.

  5. John:
    I very strongly disagree that sterility should come second under any circumstance. If you have the time to suture under stress, you have the time to clean the wound. Stitching a dirty wound will only compound your problems with a certain, very probably lethal, infection closed into the wound. If in a rush, flush out with water, stop bleeding with quick clot, and PACK the wound and apply a pressure bandage. You can stitch later but sterile procedure is mandatory. Suturing a dirty wound is just a waste of supplies. I’m sure Dr. Bones would agree, email and ask him. He is very good about responding to serious questions. Regards, D.

  6. Awesome, That is one of the best video’s I have seen. I feel that if I had to I could do it. I will go buy the meat shop and see if I can get a pigs foot to practice on, my wife is a R.N. so I will have her standing by to catch me if I faint LOL. The only problem would be getting the lactoane.

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