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YouTube is an absolutely incredible source of information on almost anything you can think of. Every week we feature a new video related to a variety of topics such as firearms, first aid, gardening, security, food storage, water filtration….and current events. 



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  1. the only problem with ALARMS is they depend on power without power they are NOTHING I have found that LIVING barriers like cactus with HEAVY duty thorns or some kind bushes with again HEAVY duty thorns work GREAT for funneling not only people but animals into areas where you can set up NATURAL alarms like cans on a string or something else and there NOTHING like a good dog

  2. Excellent information video!
    We live in the country and I just switched our alarm from ADT to Simply Safe Security. They are just as good as ADT but offer more choice and a much lower price for the same service.

    ADT monthly price was passing the $50.00 mark, while Simply Safe is $14.99 month and with smart phone access for $19.99 month. They offer door, window, breaking glass detectors, smoke,video, remotes, motion detectors, wireless and more. The reason this is so cheap is that you buy(own) the system and install it yourself(very easy,1 hour) I even included the door’s on our shop(pole barn). Add or remove a device, the price stays the same
    My next move is a driveway alert sensor and several camera’s.

    We also have a Liberty Safe that we use on a daily basis, I also installed the Liberty motion alram in the safe. You buy the alarm and they monitor for free with text alert’s if your safe door is opened or the safe is moved.
    With what I just mentioned I saved $30.00 plus per month. The world is a dangerous place and shows no sigh of improving.
    Gee, I sound like a salesman but I just wanted to share some info.


  3. Kevin, I agree about thorns and cactus and a dog but most idiots would kill the dog. Can’s and trip wire’s are great but living in the coutry wild animals could set them off. I still say an alarm for the home itself. Brambales on the perimeter are a exellent idea, we have a lot of those in Missouri. I’ve also seen trip wire’s that set off blank shotgun shells for cheap.

  4. I power my alarm system not with the small gel cell battery inside the panel but from a large capacity deep cycle battery on its own trickle charger. I have run the alarm for two weeks with battery alone without seriously depleting the battery. Long term power off situations won’t see me running the generator very much (although I have equipped it with an automobile muffler so it is quiet). We have a rainwater harvesting system from two 3000 gallon tanks that run through a multistage particulate filter system and then through a minipure UV water sterilizer that kills virus and things bigger. The minipure runs on a deep cycle 12 volt battery as well ( Of course the 12vdc format makes keeping the batteries charged easy with solar cells )

  5. WOW, I cannot imagine the boldness in targeting Sootch’s home! From all the GREAT videos that he makes on survival and defense topics, it is pretty clear that he is both armed and willing to defend his assets. I know if I was a burglar, I would look for easier prey. Anyway, his mishap displays that no one is exempt from dangerous scenarios. Reminder to everyone: BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU SAY ON SOCIAL MEDIA, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, ETC! I see my own FB friends posting photos while on vacation in Florida, or Cancun. Or my military friends, revealing dates when they will be away at training, or deployed overseas. This information gives a “green light” to potential burglars and thieves.

  6. As usual, a great film from Sootch00. The only thing I disagree with is the posting of alarm signs. A professional will see as first, something to steal, second, will go right where he needs to go to defeat it. Alarms work off the element of surprise, you must change the plans of those that would do you harm. If they know there is an alarm, they will be ready for it.

  7. Also, the signs (other than “no trespassing”) could be used by an over zealous prosecutor as “intent to harm” in court.

  8. Great video with plenty of common sense information.
    Where did you get that mag bag shown in the video on the right.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

  9. U.S.A cannot go bankrupt, ok, but will be greatly reduced. Then the way are free for a megalomaniac Putin. He started his career as an agent in the old KGB, a poor man agent among many. What is his fortune worth now?

    In Norway we are very proud of our Oil Funds. The same sum of money, Putin has put on his military past 2-3 years, while everyone sleeps. And snore.

    U.S.A. must soon reduce its military commitment. The mainstay of NATO is impaired. Russia is stronger than in 30 years. Putin can easily become overconfident in Ukraine, after the Olympics. Or in Syria.

    Things will happen in the Middle East 2014-2015 :

    – Israel is almost 70 years. (This generation watching…..)
    – The four blood red moons, and one solar eclipse, comes during 2014-2015 .
    – The sixth seal will be opened late summer 2014?
    – USA close to bankrupt, Russia very powerful.

    – GOG war of Ezekiel could arrive at any time, depends on the developments in Syria and the peace process to Kerry.

    -Propaganda on GOD TV talking about rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. It’s the Freemasons and the Jewish Orthodox who want to tear down the Dome of the Rock to build a new temple.

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    Be always on the watch, and pray that you may be able to escape all that is about to happen, and that you may be able to stand before the Son of Man.” Luke 21, 36.


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