Video of the Week: Hear the truth……

Thank you to loyal reader JR for sending me this video……

Would like to hear your thoughts-


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  1. This makes me mad as hell. Since when did we become a nation that does not take care of its citizens first. They spend more time kissing everyones butt around the world and less time taking care of our citizens.

  2. So if you were born here, what proof are you carrying around? Seriously, what is Prof. Terry J. Lovell carrying around saying that he is in fact American? Or should only non-whites be asked to prove citizenship? I’m an American. My parents moved here, met each other, fell in love, married, and had me. I’m all for this, but only if the police questions everybody about their status, not just people that are non-white… for all I know, this dude is Irish illegal immigrant… or Canadian.

    • Peter –

      I understand what you are saying – but I am not sure not only how effective that would be or needed. There are no 98 year old blue haired ladies carrying bombs on planes – yet they are patted down and felt up in the airports. I think that is ridiculous. I also believe that pulling over a white women with a Texas-speaking accent is most likely not the main candidate to be suspicious about when it comes to questioning their citizenship. Profiling is not racism – it is an effective means to identify your target. I know I will get some emails and comments on that statement.

      Bottom-line is one thing would make this really simple: Every time a police officer pulls you over they ask for a drivers licence. How about this crazy idea – in order to get a licence you have to be a citizen.

      Nuts I know.


  3. How is it “We the People” can not convene a Grand Jury and bring treason charges against Obama, Holder, and 99.99% of his cabinet and administration. I was always taught that a Grand jury could bring charges that HAD to be answered in a court of law. Are we so afraid of this man that we can not stand on our feet and demand justice from our own legal system and judges? Is there not even one Judge that will uphold his legal oath to this country and Constitution?

  4. It is all sponsored by the corporate machine here in the USA. I encourage everyone to find the documentary FOOD INC. Watch it and see the truth of how we have been sold down the river by our politicians and Corporate entities.
    I lived in Arizona for 4 years in Sierra Vista near the border with Naco and Douglas. It was terrible, and when I moved to Utah it is the same here except this is a sanctuary state and it is bad here as well. I support SB 1070, and Sheriff Joe.

  5. Dont say much, just listen and watch. But. This will tick you off again. I think its past time for succession in this country. those that want to still follow idiots and those that have had enough. The crap that is poured out and sold to the people of this country is sickening. Sad day that we live in. Never thought I would see it in my lifetime.


  6. Excellent! I live in AZ and instead of ‘beautifying’ our freeways right now, I’d rather see us build our own fence, then landscape the state roads when the coffers allow. I hope everyone will vote their conscience this time, As for me I’ll proudly vote the Rock Star out of office.
    Hey, New Mexico: Why not change the name of the state to “Gadsden”. It would be less inviting to Illegals.

  7. OMG, why are we not streaming to AZ to support them like davy crockett, et al, did for texas? what is it going to take for Americans to stand up and support Americans? what will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

  8. Humm… I see what you are saying Rourke, but lets raise it a bit, “To get a licence you have to be a citizen or a legal alien.” And that’s fine by me, since everyone gets ask that. Even sometimes when they aren’t even driving. 😉

  9. In the courts Fedgov is on the side of our enemy…. shameful. Thank god their not giving our enemy assault weapons to use against us…………………………………….. Oh wait??…… scratch that.

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