Video of the Week: FEMA Preparing For Disaster By October 1st

Watch this video. Yes….there is another suggestion that “something” will happen on or around a specific date. In this case that date is October 1st. Now – I have seen these kinds of predictions come and go with nothing happening. In this case – just watch the video. October 1st will likely come and go but the content of the video itself is pretty interesting….and concerning.



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  1. Could have something to do with the announcement that they will be starting to taper off on buying bonds this month. Supposedly, they are going to announce Wednesday that they are starting to taper. This could drive the stock market into a frenzy as people start pulling their money out. Interest rates will rapidly increase at the same time as peoples savings will plummet. By October 1, things could really be bad.

  2. If you don’t have supplies in place to allow you to shelter in place for at least 3 months, how are you going to avoid the goons? How are you going to stay out of the FEMA camps where they will ship you “for your own protection”?

    How best to control masses of people? Limit access to food and fuel. Keep them hungry and deny access to fuel.

    Just a couple of thoughts.

  3. The filmed home invasion by the authorities was over an unpaid $1000 fine. It was all over the news around here and disciplinary action was (supposedly) taken against those involved. As for the rest, who can say? It all sounds so unbelievable, so conspiratorial. Could Fedgov formulate, initiate and carry-out such an evil, unlawful, treacherous and surreptitious plan in relative secrecy? After all,they seem to stumble from one chaotic moment to the next, the left hand never sure of what the right is doing. Of course they don’t view themselves and what they do with the same “honesty” that I do… so yes… they might believe they could, with much suffering by others and a minimal of blood-letting finally make their utopian america a reality. As is often the case with these types: the end justifies any means necessary. If all is true, Fedgov has severely underestimated it’s chosen task. Ideas don’t die just because your stomach is empty, bullets pass through ideas as if they are air and America is the grandest of ideas. I can’t speak for other locals, but DHS will be particularly disappointed with their ZONE 4 results…..

  4. But Rourke, isn’t the issue- What is Fedgov preparing for? Do they prepare in order to keep us warm and safe, independent and free, with our liberties intact. Or is their motivation something else, something not so noble….. sheeple want to know….

  5. In the past, when there were ‘issues’ that required use of force, due to riots or demonstrations or ‘crowd control, we didn’t see fully armed to the teeth riot squads and SWAT teams. It was pretty much just local police and from time to time the national guard would be called up for a disaster.

    Now, we see SWAT called up to collect fines. We see people pulled forcibly from their homes, their dogs shot, their children traumatized for life, all over a mis-typed address or even bogus info from a drug dealer.

    Nobody ‘in charge’ seems to take responsibility. They spend face time on NEWS conferences justifying their behavior, or blaming the law abiding citizens for the ‘confrontation’.

    Somehow, we have moved in a direction totally unexpected and away from the country I thought I lived in when I was growing up so many years ago. These are interesting times.

  6. This video and several others like it are interesting. Some of the suspense dates for purchases and training could also be tied to the end of the federal fiscal year and fund as such.

  7. Linking random unrelated youtube videos together does not prove anything.
    What conspiracy is there in cops using common US weapons and equipment, especially when they get it donated from the govt or federal grants to purchase it?
    What conspiracy is there in cops raiding someone’s house?
    What proof is there for that crazy Sheldon Songstrom video? The woman narrating that doesn’t seem particularly well-informed. Plus, the guy cited in the video was a state-level politician 40 years ago-I doubt he’s the expert you want to cite.
    What proof is there the govt buying a few dozen foreign weapons is the beginning of an oppressive conspiracy to take over the nation? When you consider the US govt is the world’s largest purchaser of AK47s (for issue to Iraqis, Afghanis, and others), the purchase of a few dozen seems like small potatoes.

    This whole subject gets really silly when you realize people have been making these claims since at least the 1990s, when the same rumors were passed around about the Russians invading and the Hong Kong police coming to seize guns and black helicopters and whatever else. There are already foreign troops in the US. Even foriegn bases. And it’s not a secret-we have deals with other nations, just like they have deals with us. i.e. We got bases in Germany and Germans have bases in the US. It’s hardly outrageous. Besides-have you ever seen Russian troops? They couldn’t control Chechnya-how do you expect them to take over America?!?

    BTW-Derek is correct-September is the end of the Fiscal Year, which governs EVERYTHING in the govt. By the end of September, you have to spend all the money you got issued and you need to complete all the training requirements for the Fiscal Year-it’s not proof of a conspiracy. You got to learn more about the world before you run off half-cocked considering everything proof of a conspiracy.

    • What?

      You certainly have a point – won’t argue with that. I do believe that there is a trend….maybe call it a movement happening in this country creating a civilian military. Remember Obama mentioning that back in 2008? I am all for law enforcement having the best equipment to do their jobs and being able to protect themselves. Truly, I do. I believe there is evidence right n front of us that SOME law enforcement are becoming radicalized – and citizen rights are declining every day. Unwarranted search and seizure is becoming more frequent – while our rights become a thing of the past.

      Loyal reader “John Gault” recently coined the term “post-Constitution”. I think that fits. We live in a day where the Constitution no longer is the law of the land and is bypassed by Progressive jundges and politicans all the time – including our current President.

      I think using the term “silly” when describing the current state of affairs is pretty ridiculous. These are serious times with serious problems with very few answers.

      In the end – I hope your right.


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