Video of the Week: EMP Nightmare

EMP is something that is often in my thoughts when it comes to preparedness.

Check this out.

Take care all –


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  1. The book “one second after” is based on this idea on an EMP first strike. It puts us back into the 1700’s. 200 million dead or so.

  2. Nice propaganda piece. I enjoy the mention of the Heritage Foundation on the lower right corner. One of the biggest warmongering think tanks in this country. I see no evidence for Iran having a nuclear missile program. The supposedly Iranian been interviewed is providing no evidence for the things that he is saying. He could be a CIA officer talking the same rhetoric that the CIA has been saying but without proof. I can see the U.S. and Israel creating these EMP weapons and using it against Israel. Lame interview. I like this website for survival articles. It is sad that this site waste its time on war propaganda sites.

    • Dan –

      As I have mentioned on many occasions – “You can’t please everyone all of the time”. I absolutely believe Iran has a goal of possessing a nuclear weapon. If I am wrong – good. If I am right – then it is good to prepare. As Dr. Prepper has often said – since there is little I can do to change things beyond my control – I will do things that I can do to prepare – just in case. Something like that.

      Regardless – I appreciate your readership and your opinion – even though it may be different than mine.

      Take care Dan.


  3. While concerns for the threat of EMP are legitimate it should be of greater concern that we have failed to establish and maintain alternate means of communication. Lose the Internet, phones, TV and what you have are Americans unable to communicate even as well as people did in 1865. Nothing good would come from such a thing especially if there were select groups still in possession of modern communication.

    What to do?

    Obtain sufficient GMRS FRS handheld radios and a means to keep them powered. See to it that your local friends have done the same and they are compatible.

    Obtain a few standard citizens band radios, maybe a few SSB radios,antennas and the like.

    First and foremost you need to be able to communicate with those people who are of a like mind in your own community.

    Then the community next door and so forth.

    Rehearse: Pick a time and day every month or so and have everyone come up on your local net.

    “Net call all stations report”. See what happens

    Establish primary and secondary comms folks.. in your group. They are in charge of managing the net, conducting the exercise, evaluating results, making recommendations for improvement.

    They should also handle establishing with the next closest communities.

    Might not be a bad idea to bring a couple of shortwave folks in would it?

    Now you have a viable alternate media means of communication. For few bucks.

    Setting up CEOI manuals code books to make interception of your clear communications useless.. Find some old GIs or Jar Heads.. They can explain and help.

    Third way… color-coded cards , playing cards, dab of paint. on a tree or a poll that can be seen from the road.


    Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse

    “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty”

  4. EMP, unless it is initiated by a VERY large bomb, is unlikely to take out the grid.

    That being said, bombs capable of initiating a large EMP do exist. We have them, the Russians have them, and likely Israel among others. So, if they were to be used, the main risk would be to the power grid, which you could visualize as a large antenna. The pulse could then take out the transformers, and possibly the generators supplying power to the grid. Even in a smaller, more localized area, we would find that replacements for these transformers and/or generators don’t exist.

    Then, we have now ‘outsourced’ the production of these and don’t make them in the US of A anymore, and the lead time would be, as a guess on my part, as much as a year to get in place and operating. That year would see the people in the affected areas without much support, as we have today. No refrigeration, air conditioning, heaters, grocery stores, gas stations, nothing that requires electricity to run. Even hospitals require electricity.

    The EMP effect, though, was seen during tests over Pacific Islands, and felt in the Hawaiian Islands, during a time when we did NOT have the micro-electronics that is common now. It would be interesting to conduct a similar test now, to see if there really is a viable threat.

  5. I believe an EMP is one of the only things that can cripple our entire country without much notice. While horrifying events such as 9/11 brought our country together, for a few weeks anyway, it really didn’t impact the entire country. Unless you directly knew someone that it personally affected, or it was you that was personally affected, it could have happened in Africa or Asia, or anywhere else on the planet. Now we are all affected due to Homeland Security and TSA. They are annoying but not crippling.

    The video was interesting, and I went to check out their website a little further. I found that the US District Court approved Morgan Hill schools not allowing kids to wear American Flags or other American icons on Cinco de Mayo, but Mexican icons are welcomed. I agree that the site is propaganda. But, taken with a grain of salt, much can be learned from that site and the video.

    Practice having no electricity days, weekends, or weeks at home(neither grid, generator, solar, nor battery). Figure out what you need to improve on and do it.

  6. Rourke, just because you believe that Iran is seeking nuclear missiles it doesn’t mean that they are seeking it. From the looks of the warmongering that goes on in the U.S., a country that has nuclear missiles is safe against the U.S. Look at North Korea. That country will never be attacked because it possess nuclear missiles.

    • Dan –

      You are correct – just because I think it to be true doesn’t make it so. I am just right 99.7% of the time – so maybe this fits in the .3%. 🙂


  7. Rourke, I believe that the bigger threat from an EMP attack is a coronal mass ejection from the sun. Also, I do take preparations very seriously. Also, this is a good site.

  8. Dan – Rourke – Dan – Rourke, internet version of tennis anyone? OK, sorry, just trying to throw a little (very little) humor at the situation.

    This issue has been raised before on your blog. It is a possibility and should be considered in anyone’s disaster planning, though I tend to agree with Dan, the Iranians do not currently have the technology to create a country wide EMP event for the USA. Regionally, a small upper atmosphere nuke may shut down portions of one or two of our grids; but, it would take a large (many times larger than any tactical nuke in anybody’s inventory) detonated 100’s of kilometers above the USA to start the failure cascade envisioned by the various EMP scenarios. EMP’s are bad, creating them in any large scale is extremely difficult, so getting too worked up over them is a waste of good prepper time. Besides, terrorists want body counts so they can show their terrorist buddies how effective they are at killing infidels. Turning off the lights will definitely cause a significant die off (for instance, everyone you know with diabetes is toast within a few months); however, it would not grab the attention of al-Jezeera or any of the other ME news organizations long enough to provide any recruitment bonus.

    Good post, good rebuttal, be nice to the site Owner – right or wrong he holds the cookie jar. I for one am about 80% off the grid (and could be 100% if the red headed spousal unit would give up a few more modern conveniences) with most of my energy production heavily grounded and non-transistorized. If a nuke hits close enough to short out my home grid I have a lot more problems to worry about than firing up the toaster.

  9. Rourke,
    Plagarize to your heart’s content. Innovation is over rated – let the other guy do the work and steal his best ideas. Consider it a form of energy conservation.

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