VIDEO OF THE WEEK: Defending your property during WROL involving walls


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  1. I assume this is SoutherPrepper1 from the sound of his voice. I did not NOTICE a name or identification on the video. Anyway, he is talking about HIGHLY elaborate defenses: patrols, fire support, multiple fighting positions, barbed and concertina wire, etc. I can’t speak for other individuals on MSO, but I can say with confidence that my family does NOT have all these obstacles on our property. I would be thrilled to have a concrete wall in front of my home. I have barbed wire in our defensive plan, but I don’t have the wire around our perimeter now. Concertina wire is even more difficult to obtain and more expensive, too. I am reminded of lessons spelled out by Selco, who survived the SHTF/WROL situation in the Balkans in the early 1990’s. I believe he lived in a large home with a big family and that they had a wall around their house. This barrier provided his family protection for over a year. I am definitely an advocate of walls for your Bug Out (or IN) location.

    • Yes – it is SP1 Irish-7. I agree he describes something which many of us do not have – although there are many that do have the land, the materials, and the people.

      He makes some great, informative video’s.


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