Video of the Week: Chuck Woolery on Assault Weapons

I grew up watching Chuck Woolery on TV – love the fact that he is one of the rare pro-2nd Amendment celebrities out there.

Thanks Chuck!!


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  1. Right on. What is wrong with the people in this country. Send these f-ing left wing dummies to a nice 3rd. world country for a month and let’s see how they feel when they get back. If they get back.

  2. No one could have said it better. I just can’t understand why the politicians can’t seem to understand these FACTS! The stats are even on the FBI’s web page…. Baseball bats and clubs kill more people per year then “rifles”. Time to make a stand…. We all need to march on the capital and say enough is enough, we will not be messed with any more. They need to actually worry about the U.S.’s REAL problems….. Big Pharma, kick backs, and all the illegal things that happen in Washington every day. If they can’t handle the truth and fix real problems, like “Fast and Furious”, welfare fraud, and countless other drains on our system, they need to step down. One more thing… is time we make term limits on politicians (senators, governors, and the rest). Two terms and your done, after that, you are more than likely to have been corrupted or out for yourself anyway. This is supposed to be a government FOR the PEOPLE, BY the PEOPLE. This country is turning in to Nazi Germany and Communist Russia really fast.

  3. I loved it! Sadly, common sense never has.. nor ever will enter into the gun grabbers sphere of reason. What are we to think of their response to the idea of putting armed security in all schools, “WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!… PUTTING MORE GUNS IN SCHOOLS WILL ONLY MAKE MATTERS WORSE!” Implying that armed guards will make our schools “LESS SAFE”! I might add that what is being suggested is expanding the existing federal program “Cops in School” started in 2000 by Pres. Clinton. I wonder if the leftist politicians think having Secret Service agents and armed guards throughout the capital makes THEM less safe.

  4. Wish we could afford to run this video as a commercial on all the alphabet channels once an hour for a month–maybe it would sink into the heads of the Constitutionally-ignorant of this country.

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