Video of the Week: Anti-Terrorist Bag


YouTube is an absolutely incredible source of information on almost anything you can think of. Every week we feature a new video related to a variety of topics such as firearms, first aid, gardening, security, food storage, water filtration….and current events. 

Enjoy the video and remember to follow your local laws when carrying firearm in your vehicles.

Would like to hear your opinions on the video – please share your thoughts.




Thanks for watching!! 

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  1. I watched Dons video a few days go and like the premise of the kit. I am considering a similar response bag. In this day in age, where we have people on psychotropics going off, Lone Wolves, Gang mentalities, Illegals that have gangster issues etc. It be nice to have a go to bag (Battle Pack) for the sheepdog or minute man. When I was in Israel many years ago working in a clean room, The techs had battle-packs under the tech benches (UZI, vest,helmet,Comms). Another YT’ber I know carries an AK-74 and a chest rig with blow out kit. So it’s something worth considering.

  2. I’m a big fan of Sootch’s video’s and knowledge, but as a ‘anti-terrorist’ bag, I see two things that need to be mentioned here…
    1) if this is being deployed at a domestic ‘terror’ event such as at a mall, theater, school, etc. So as to be seen from a distance (by the good guys), I would get some type of bright colored I.D. necklace to prove you are not one of the bad guys, to include a non-subdued flag patch w/ velcro to also I.D. you… or even a earth tone colored hat w/ a colored flag patch velcroed on it….(if you aren’t Law Enforcement with a badge necklace…) and
    2) I would be very careful wearing a Shemagh at a terror scene. They are great pieces of kit, but again, you don’t want to be mistaken as one of bad guys on a jihad….

    I’m not saying don’t be a minuteman and being prepared for any contingency but if your not a LE first responder, be careful deploying a tactical rifle, just to avoid being mistaken as some ‘piece-of-sheite’ homegrown jihadist

  3. I love Scootch’s videos on both his channels but the fantasy of being the minuteman or sheepdog in case of whatever foreign or domestic is getting silly. If something goes down, are you really going to don all that gear and get into the fight with the huge possibility of being mistaken as a badguy? Or if you are with your family, are you going to abandon them so you can get into the fight? This bag is a good setup but not a “anti-terrorist bag’. It’s more like what one would carry as a piece of luggage if you’re on the road and the grid goes down/tshtf, something under your bed or even a great cache at your BOL or at a trusted friends place.

  4. Rourke,

    I keep a similar first responder tactical bag in all of my vehicles along with a plate carrier. My smallest such bag is a repurposed Ruger 10/22 dismountable barrel rifle bag. This bag neatly holds one of the old Bushmaster 5.56 ‘pistols’ fully assembled with EOTECH, four 30 round magazines, a streamlight flashlight, small format Leica binoculars, and sheath knife. I have an IFAK attached to the outside and a Beta mag nearby. This is a small format non-revealing bag (I even blacked out the red Ruger emblem) with a shoulder strap. My edc includes a full size Springfield Operator TRP .45acp and/or SIG P220 along with at least four magazines. The plate carrier has a duplicate of many of the items in the bag affixed on mollie carriers. The plate carrier is heavy heavy heavy but I’ve traveled with such for too many years not to have one handy now that I am less likely to need one. Recognizing Roberto and JH’s cogent comments, I might even have a large velcro POLICE patch for the vest. And no, I don’t intend to get involved in a citizen/police action against an active shooter… but friendly fire is still a valid concern.

    My one ton trucks all have a weatherproof metal, below the bed rim profile, lockable ‘tool’ box. The addition of a short length of chain affixed to the lid and box so that a padlock will secure both free ends of the chain while allowing the lid to open just enough to access the padlock adds to security. Everyone knows how vulnerable the type of factory lock that secures such containers are to being punched. These boxes carry 48″ bolt cutters, fencing pliers, a small shovel, hand axe, plastic tarp, canvas tarp, two person tactical tent, a small tool kit, tire patch kit, four way lug wrench, and high lift jack. I keep a M4 or M1A, a .50 cal ammo box with appropriate ammo preloaded in magazines, and another larger format ammo box with NVG monocular and rail adapter, Leica Geovid, a couple of Motorola handhelds, a bigger flashlight and IR only light, and other odds and ends, fit easily inside this box. Each truck has its own BoB and ‘first responder’ medical kit. If my travels take me on overnight or on a longer journey, I fill in the free space with food and water. Of course this is too much for even two persons to hoof. Upon being set afoot my plan is to select those items most useful considering the circumstances (which may include ditching the armor plates and using the vest as a chest rig) and to hide/bury/conceal that left behind. Long established habit dies hard. The future is indeterminate, so better to have and not need than to need and not have.


  5. My BOB and BOV accompany me daily to work and my weekend travels. I too have a modified bed that lifts up and allows access to my treasures. My biggest complaint is the Texas heat that I’m sure is taking a toll on my stored supplies. I tried using styrofoam insulation, but once the heat penetrates it actually stays hot longer. Parking under a shade tree for part of the day may help, but it is often more than 99 degrees in the shade for a couple of months. Anyone got an idea on how to cope with heat? I keep a separate bag in my office to try and eliminate heat problems, but would like to keep everything safe and secure in my vehicle. Move to Colorado?

  6. I edc carry is a light GHB (spring-summer) daily with appropriate supply for short range work. My only arm is a P-35 mostly but sometimes switch out to Ruger 9mm DA. Each sidarm has 5 mags plus in the gun.

  7. Heat is a potent killer of food and ammunition. I highly recommend regularly shooting for training use any ammo exposed to high heat.


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