Video: Making flatbread from wheat

YouTube Channel eastcoastprepper uploaded a great video on how to make flat-bread from scratch (wheat, salt, water). I have had many readers tell me that they are interested in storing wheat but they don’t know what to do with it.

Well – here is one way to use wheat. After my visit to the LDS Cannery on March 2nd – I am going to try this.


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  1. saw the video, went in the kitchen, tried it…and messed up, well a little bit too much water, but it still worked! My first piece of bread I have ever made 🙂
    Couldn’t eat that all day, but as a complement to canned foods and other stuff definitely great!

  2. Good video. Ask them to do the actual grinding on the video for a good idea of the effort and time involved. Perhaps a Metate y Mano would be the best tool for the job. Have them do it outside by the campfire and then cook it over the coals. Another idea to make the video useful would be to have a couple of young kids there to eat it. Because if mikey likes it then it must be good.

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