Video How To: Installation of a Single Point Sling Adapter

I have a  Single Point Sling Adapter on my Stag Arms AR and thought I would write up some instructions on how to install one. It is not difficult – but after looking at all the pictures and starting to write up the instruction – well, a video would be so much easier.

So – check out this YouTube video:



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  1. Hi John, I am so thankful for having found your informative, encouraging, and inspiring site. I am in my second rotation through food supplies, so I have been at this game awhile. Biggest problem I have is knowing when to stop buying ancillary necessities such as knives, matches, IFAKs, tools, and the like. I just want to caution newbies not to fall in love with prepping as I have; buy the best-the first time and know it will perform when needed, then use your money to purchase items that can be bartered with those who have not prepared once the storm hits. Above all, keep your mouth shut on the subject excepting those rare occasions when you are with people of like mind whom you trust. Just sayin’. Thanx, Agin’ Cajun

  2. Whoa, I apologize for posting above comment here; I thought this was a general comments section – still a little wet behind the ears around this site. Nonetheless, I have one single point sling that is installed on a special rifle reserved only when patrolling for invasive types such as poachers, beggars, stalkers and the like. I tend to defer to traditional slings on hunting rifles and bandolier slings on shotguns. My home defense 12 gauge has no sling at all because it stays at the ready in its easily retrievable location at all times until needed and does not leave the building. Respectfully yours, Agin’ Cajun

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