Video: Getting Started Prepping On a Budget

I think this is good advice. 

Anything you would add or subtract from what HossUSMC recommends?



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  1. i think this might be a bit much for a college student on a limited budget. I think I would focus more on affordable things like canned beans and rice you could store in your room from local grocery rather than such big stores. And while the medical supply advice reminded me of some things I need to stock up on, a college kid w/no medical training would have no clue how to use some of the things he advises having. Knowledge is king…take a first aid class, learn first hand how to use the devices advised. Stock your dorm room/apt as you can, but know how to use what you have.

  2. I sometimes think Hoss misses the mark on a lot of his videos. I watch every video he does, but some of it makes me scratch my head. He is unemployed and lives with his mom. How old is he? If he is such a prepared pepper you would think he would be independent and have his own place to live right? No I am not knocking the guy, but it’s kind of like a marriage counselor who hasn’t been married.

  3. I thought Hoss was right on the money. In fact this is almost to the bean, what I require for you to show up at my door and not receive an indian beauty mark when it all falls down. Prepositioned is a plus. Also being former combat Marine Corps IS ‘being married’ regards, D.

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