VIDEO: Gardening and Survival

Sootch does a great job explaining the necessity of gardening as a preparedness skill and activity.If you do not garden on a regular basis this is the perfect time to get started.



Happy Gardening!!

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  1. The last two years a wild garlic has “infiltrated” my 8×24 foot herb garden….i don’t know where it came from and worked hard at removing it. But now as the uncertainty of where seed/supplies could be obtained, i am changing my attitude towards it. Instead of wanting madly to get rid of it, i am grateful for provision of a self-sustaining component of my herbal/culinary larder. Just need to keep it from taking over completely….
    I also have “walking” onions bartered from a valued gardener/friend close by. They may not be as large as store bought but are tasty as well as easy to propagate…..Simple things to make providing for yourself a bit easier.

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