Video: Dishonorable Disclosures……

Excellent video. Try to sit through all 22 minutes. Would like to hear your thoughts.

 – Rourke



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  1. Wow, a very powerful video! For someone with no military experience, I didn’t realize the extent of the problem. Thanks for educating me!

  2. As a retired infantry soldier who has been to Iraq, this is completely unacceptable! How can this be tolerated and condoned? Obama and his people MUST be held accountable for this stuff. This makes my blood boil!!!

  3. The most important concept any prepper should take away from this is to keep quiet about your prepping plans and accomplishments. Loose lips really do sink ships. Maintain your stealth mode of operations. Don’t brag. Don’t do interviews, appear on news shows or in documentaries showing you are a prepper. Don’t broadcast anything you are doing for your own prepping. Be careful on who you let in to your survival pod. Trust no one. I know that keeping your mouth shut about your prepping accomplishments is a hard thing to do but you must if you are to successfully survive whatever befalls you. The more people that know your plans then the more points of failure are available to sink you. It’s hard to change plans once you find out that you have revealed your plans to someone who has been less than stealth about what they know. Most operational failures occur because someone else knows your plans and, for whatever reason, doesn’t want you to succeed. Stay safe.

  4. This makes me even more mad at our current Adminisrtation. They are not, do not, and will not risk their lives to protect this country…let alone honor the Constitution we fundamentally run it by. Jane Fonda, current Goberment staffers are KNOWN to be so far left that it makes Atilla the Hunb seemto be a Boy Scout. There are things you just don’t talk about, let alone piut on TV for your own personal image booster. Our POTUS doesn’t know the meaning of OPSEC. Its I did this, I told that, Guess the I’s have it.

    This should be a pre-show for the 2016 movie…we have to make a change in November.

    Preppers should take heed from this. I don’t know…I just can’t believe we as citizens let individuals compromise our NATSEC, safety and future to a group in poeple like this…FRUSTRATION!!!!!!!

    BE SAFE all Scooter

  5. Why hasn’t anyone told Obama to his face that he is violating OPSEC?

    It seems, over and over, that he is NOT what we should have as a leader. Heck, you would not want him anywhere near information that should be kept secret, as far as I can tell. He is NOT trustworthy.

    I would hope that there is no one in the intelligence community that shares anything but the most limited information with him. No details, nothing of importance, nothing he will blurt out and compromise people – plans – operations, etc. It is almost like he has done this to undermine us on purpose.

    At this point, the best thing for him to undermine is his re-election campaign.

  6. Although I realized that the leaks of information caused serious complications for future recruitment of human intelligence, I did not comprehend the overall damage done the military and intelligence communities. I was not aware of the White House telling those Commies from Hollywood the inside details of the Bin Laden mission. Military members face treason charges when sensitive information is revealed. Their civilian leaders should be treated in the same fashion. I can only hope and pray that the American people will ditch these traitors in November.

  7. Well, I am very disappointed, but I’m worried the word is not getting out fast enough. I live in the soviet republic of New York and everyone here seems to love the guy. It’s probably gonna take another terrorist incident to open people’s eyes, but then it’s too late. Only two things can save us….God and ourselves. I want to believe that people pay for their evil ways in some fashion eventually, but we are all gonna pay for this one. It’s really sad where our great country is heading. Great job Rourke.

  8. I won’t elaborate, but I have personal reasons to find this administration’s self serving actions reprehensible. Suffice it to say, if the many underpaid individuals in the military and intelligence communities can keep their mouth shut about clandestine operations, then their overpaid bosses can follow suit. I can imagine the stress that the spouses of Seal Team 6 must deal with while their husbands are deployed. Now, these women will have to look over their shoulders as well. Shameful. God Bless and Protect Our Heroes and Their Families!

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