VIDEO: Common Core education – ridiculous

Unless you live in a vacuum you probably have hard of “Common Core” – a new way of teaching math. I did not fully understand it until some time ago when I saw a demonstration on the “new and improved” method.

I could not believe my eyes as I watch a simple math problem which would normally take just a few simple steps become over complicated. Does it work? Sure – you get the same answer but the extra steps and thinking required certainly leads to a higher chance of mistakes.

There is a growing revolt against Common Core across the country.

See for yourself:



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  1. I have recently encountered a problem that somewhat surprised me. I bought 4000- 22 long rifle rounds from Ready Reserve Foods for a group of friends that wanted to do some prepping. This was one order of dozens we have made the past four years. Sometimes we only open packages to be sure we have received the right merchandise. Once received and checked the packages are locked away. Theft on our end does not occur. No one needs to steal nor would has any desire to do such a thing and controls are aree strong. We just recently checked this merchandise and it was short 400 rounds or 4 sealed tins of 100 rounds. I called Ready Reserve and told them the issue and we were making some checks before making an order that would include many times the value of the old order in question. I wanted to know what they would do to correct this problem. They resolved they would give us a credit on a future order of $10. I told them this would not be acceptable and no future orders eould be made. I was told that if it had been addressed a week after delvery they would have corrected the problem. I want others making large orders to know this. All large retailers who are really customer satisfaction oriented would never make a decision so trivial that would lose thousands of dollars of future orders. I have said my peace. My brothers and sisters in the prepping world can now make their own decision on purchases from this company. I was appalled.

  2. They tried this or something quite a bit like it Boston in the 70’s and it did not work as parents were unable to help their kids when they had a problem. The comment sent back to me via my daughter was, your father helped with your homework didn’t he? The way kids are taught today and this moronic crap only makes it harder on them. Is this why we hear Obama say we need there brightest kids coming to America illegally?

  3. I won’t try to watch the video, my satellite internet runs at 1950’s performance, yes I know, they didn’t have internet, still I suspect it out-performed mine (at least tonight). I’ve seen enough of Common Core to believe it’s just one more vehicle to use in our race to the bottom. Where does our academics rank among other nations? 26th/27th? This should be good for continuing the trend downward.

    I feel bad for the students of public schools forced to deal with this, and for the teachers forced to teach it. It was bad enough when the teachers had to teach the test just to keep their jobs… now this! If you love your children, do all you can to get them into a private school or even a good charter school. Before you jump all over me with the “so often” repeated claim that -your kids schools are the exception-, that’s what everyone says.

    Some who favor the public schools assert that an informed public is necessary to a functioning democracy. True, and beyond doubt. But we do not have an informed public, haven’t for some time. Nor, really, do we have a functioning democracy. One without the other is an impossibility. Perhaps this is all being done for a purpose.

  4. John Gault, My computer speed is in the same range as yours and it did take a long time to view the movie. At the time my daughter was being taught the New Math as they called she was enrolled in Catholic School but had to follow state guidelines, I believe Homeschooling may be the best avenue today for a good education.

  5. CC is very bad juju to race to the bottom. A lot of it has been created by Bill Ayers, yes the same Bill Ayers that was a member of the “weather underground that did bombings back in the very late 60’s early 70’s that killed several policman and never served a day behind bars.

    Yes, the same guy that wrote obama’s book and is a Professor at the University of Chicago.
    You may have seen a recent interview with him on FOX. Yes, the same guy that said in order to turn America into a communist country they would have to eliminate about 25 million Americans….he still desire’s this to this very day.
    He grew up in Glen Ellyn, IL and to think that I grew up in Wheaton, IL just about 4 miles from him. I’m so glad we moved to Missouri 4 years ago where we still have freedom.

    If you go to there is alot of info. there. Last night they had a nation wide education at movie theators sponsored by Freedomworks and theblaze. It will repeat next tuesday night in theayors.

    YES< COMMCORE IS VERY BAD AND IT'S Repackaged NAME IS C-Corp if I remember correctly. Mike Huckabee says it's bad, but still supports it with the new name. Keep your kids away from common core.

  6. JohnP, I recently heard that home schooling will face future problems because of common core. I don’t know all the details but some of it is with the testing. Both in the standardized tests and in tests like the SAT. Apparently it will not be enough to simply solve a math problem and answer it correctly. Now the methodology used to solve the problem will be counted in the answer. You could answer a question correctly, but if you didn’t solve it using the CC method.. it would be considered a wrong answer. The best and most likely resolution is for near all the states to drop CC. I believe there are around 7 states which are in the process of doing just that…. with more to come.

  7. Let me guess: Are the 7 states using it “Blue” states? If I had to bet, I’d say: California, Illinois, Massachusetts, New York, Washington, Connecticut and Maryland. That’s just my take on the most liberal states. I would think that the Left is behind this, seeing that scumbag Bill Ayers wrote it and the Obama Administration is pushing it.

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