Versatile tools for EDC…..

I love multi-tools and I have several. There is hardly a weekend that goes by that I do not grab one and use it for something. It might be cutting some paracord, fixing my son’s glasses, or tightening a screw – it fills many roles.


When it comes to preparedness multi-tools can literally be a lifesaver. In a vehicle and the seat belt is stuck – grab the handy-dandy multi-pliers and cut the belt to freedom. There are more uses to list.


Today’s market offers up many excellent examples of multi-tools for EDC.


Lets take a look at a few:



#1. Gerber Suspension



#2. Leatherman Skeletool



#3. Gerber 31-000674 MP450 Compact Sport Multitool and Paraframe I






#4. SOG Specialty Knives & Tools S66-N PowerAssist Multitool with Power Assist Blades





#5. Leatherman Sidekick Multi Purpose Pocket Tool 





#6. Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool




#7. Leatherman 850122 MUT Tactical Multi-Tool, Black Oxide Coating





#8. Swiss+Tech MMCSSS Micro-Max 19-in-1 Keychain Multitool




#9. Columbia River Knife and Tool 9070 Guppie Black and Grey Multitool





#10. Gerber 22-41545 Black Diesel Multi-Plier with Sheath


So – for your survival kit and in your preparedness supplies – Do you have a favorite multi-tool?

My personal favorites include the Gerber Suspension. It is inexpensive and has proven to be rugged and reliable. 

 Take care all.

– Rourke


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  1. Maybe it’s time for me to upgrade my multi-tool, but I just love my Leatherman Wave. Has everything I could need and is sturdy and dependable as can be.

  2. +1 for the Gerber Suspension. I was EDC carrying it until the sheath broke. I’m going to try to make one out of leather. I love that the sheath has the ability to be used vertically or horizontally.

  3. SOG PowerAssist EOD with Black Oxide finish. Best cap crimper I have ever seen. The only one I have found with 2 spring assisted blades. Try getting a regular multi-tool blade open one handed when you are upside down in a Aussie rappel! Yes it happened, no I don’t want to relate why I was dumb enough to need a knife under that particular circumstance.

    I also really like my Victorinox SwissChamp (McGyver special for you older groupies) – scissors and a small pliers, magnifying glass (when I can’t get to my reading glasses), can opener (puts my P-38 to shame), and cork screw (not the best, but in a pinch it will get the job done) are my favorites.

  4. I have a Leatherman sidekick and while not perfect I think is the best value for money.
    Has all the tools I expected in an EDC for low cost. Made in USA.
    Spring pliers. Two external blades (I use the main blade the most, it seems you never know how useful a blade is until you have one).

  5. I personally carry a Leatherman Wave but I have owned (and lost several) Gerbers, both are quality multitools. For some reason I always lost my Gerber, I haven’t had that problem with the Leatherman…so far.

  6. I had a whole bunch of multi-tools over the years, the original Leatherman, Gerbers and more that I can name. I have been using a Schrade Tough Tool as my every day carry since the late 1990s. I bought myself a new one last Christmas, as some of the useless tools on the first model were replaced with more relevant attachments on the new one. But, the very first time that I used the scissors, the spring moved so that the tool will not stay closed. I must wrap a rubber band around it, or put it away in the case to keep the scissors from extending. So, I am mainly using the old one again. It came in a leather case with a snap closure. The new model has a canvas / cotton duck case with a velcro fastener. Truth be known, I still use my Swiss Army Knife twice as much as the multi-tool. I don’t go anywhere without both of them, even church.

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