UPDATE: Guns & Ammo – cost and availability

Here in the Southeast the availability of ammunition – and firearms – is about back to normal. If you want to buy guns online check out my local shop Nichol’s Store. With the exception of .22LR most ammunition can be bought pretty much whenever needed. After .22LR, 9mm is the most difficult to get. Wal-Mart is generally sold out of .223/5.56 as well as 7.62x39mm. I have heard from friends that they are finding ALL calibers at Wal-Mart more often – but I have not had the same luck.

Gun shops in my area have everything – at a price. While availability is ABOUT back to normal – price is not. Federal XM— 5.56 is running around $12.00 a box for 20, and even steel-cased Russian is at .50 cents-a-round. Fairly disappointing. CCI Mini-Mag .22LR 100 round plastic boxes – my favorite round – is costing me $10.99. 9mm is around .50 cents a round. Limits in gun shops on ammo still exist – but mostly on .22 and 9mm.

Local Academy Sports has all the 7.62x39mm and .223/5.56 you could want. AR calibers are running at least .50 cents a round – unless its steel cased Tula or Monarch – which is less than $6.00 a box. Tons of 45ACP and other calibers available as well as 12 gauge. Still no .22LR and limits exist on 9mm.

Overall – things are much better than just a few months ago. Prices are a little higher but after the shortage we all experienced – I am just glad to see things getting better.

Something to remember: If you found yourself short on ammo during the shortage wishing that you had stocked up when you had the chance….do it now! You never know when the next shortage will occur.



got pmag?

Speaking of stocking up now while you still can….Brownell’s has Magpul PMAG’s for only $12.99.



¬†Click HERE to visit Brownell’s Magpul PMAG webpage….and check out what else they have in stock (for now).


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  1. Walmart’s around here never have 22lr or 30 carbine, at least when I go looking. 300 Savage rounds are over a buck apiece. I do see them have 5.56/223, mostly steel case and in low quantity but they have it. A couple weeks ago I went by Academy, no 22lr and one box of 30 carbine for $60! When $60 is a fair price for a 50 round box of 30 carbine you can be assured the end is near, I didn’t buy it, we ain’t there yet. The prices for tactical firearms seem to have returned to ‘more’ normal levels. I have been hesitant to add a new caliber to my arsenal but today I put a Bushmaster AR-15 on layaway. The price was Wallyworld right and I’m telling you now, if you don’t have what you want by the 2014 mid-term elections you may never get it….. it could easily go that way.

  2. Here in central Florida, things are about the same. Lots of ammo on the shelves again, with the exception of 22LR. I did luck out the other day and get 2 boxes of Stingers at my local Walmart, but they tell me that there is usually a line in the morning and they buy everything that comes in for 22s. Since I have plenty of 22s, I have been concentrating on more shotgun loads.

  3. Make sure to sign up for -www.slickguns.com. It is a great website for guns and ammo and much more. Lot of Russian 223/5.56 and 9mm out there now for 27+/- cents per round, usually the Herter brand, occasionally Wolf. When you sign up for alerts you will receive them daily and if it’s a great deal, won’t last long so if you want some, jump on it then.

  4. Most ammunition calibers are available where I live in Pennsylvania. If I had to pick one that is hard to get, I would say .357 Magnum is in shortest supply (as of last week). I made some decent purchases on .223 REM in the past month, 500 rounds for 200 bucks. I also picked up a brick of .22 Long Rifle for $29.99. Prices are WAY up on .45 ACP! I used to get a box of 50 for around $20.00. Now, the same box cost over thirty.

  5. Our local Wal-Mart has had a good supply of 40, 45, 556 lately but 22 and 9mm are still rarely there or there long when it does show up. Seen one 17 and 380 there yesterday.

  6. my local wallyworld has practically no ammo. . . .still. 90% of the ammo shelves are empty I will not pay inflated prices , so I will hold onto what I have, and wait.

  7. Finding ammo pretty well here in Columbia,sc with exception of 308.
    Don’t get me wrong plenty of hunting rounds just no ball ammo.
    22lr at dicks 500 rd boxes and 1400 rd case

  8. A friend went to Conn -Cabelas. Only Conn citizens can buy ammo there.Long trip for nothing.Yet they sell ammo in their catalog.
    Walmart gets some in and out it sells fast.Arlene

  9. You did not address the topic of the virtual inability to obtain reloading components. Primers are becoming more available. Powder is almost totally impossible to come by. I heard the Dept. of Homeland Security and the DOT have gotten together and placed a limit on the amount of gunpowder that can be shipped at one time. I spoke with a representative of Cabela’s and was told only 300 pounds of gunpowder could go out on a truck and only 6 trucks a day were permitted to carry gunpowder from the warehouse. I was told the warehouses are full of powder by Cabela’s. Apparently a back door approach to infringing on the Second Amendment has been found in which a very limited amount of gunpowder can actually be shipped by truck (Fed Ex, UPS, etc.) per day. I suspect this regulation applies nationwide.
    Thank you,

  10. In Upstate South Carolina we still have a gathering outside Academy Sports on delivery days (even though they’re “secret”), but the long lines are gone. I find it really hard to track down target ammo, but self-defense loads are much more available. They only have limits on 22lr and 9mm – everything else is fair game. I’ve bought 40, 223, and 22lr there in the last two months. Prices haven’t changed there either. I can’t bring myself to go into a Walmart, so can’t speak for them. I did find a place called “Catawba Tackle Shop” in Rock Hill who has had no problem getting all calibers, although some shipments tend to be more heavily weighted towards 22lr and the next is more handgun rounds, etc. He does put a limit on how many you can buy and has increased his prices a little. I’ve had no problem buying up 22lr from him, and he sells those 500ct boxes so it doesn’t take too many visits to stock up to a reasonable level. I’ve also purchased (also cheap quality) 223 there. He has 9mm frequently (although I don’t own any 9mm weapons), and most other common ammo is there. Some rounds, like the 5.45, I haven’t seen anywhere – I do have a nice AR15 in 5.45 that is useful as a club if anyone is interested :(.

  11. @ OYB, “Catawba Tackle Shop”!! I had no idea he sold ammo, or that they were still in business… glad to hear. I bought a rod and reel there in the early nineties (still have the reel) and used to by bait there on occasion.

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