“United We Stand” – How far we have come.

This country is in such disarray. I have never seen such division amongst its people (in my 42 years). It is not just Republicans and Democrats. Now, it is the rich, the poor, the middle class. It is the 99%, the 1%, and the 53%. It is the have’s and have-nots. It is the entitled, and non-entitled.

Growing up I always believed that this country was a place of freedom and where dreams could come true. Where a man could be anything he wanted to be. I have always heard that each generation should live better than the next. I worry that the damage thus far is too permanent to our culture, to our society, and to our government to ever return to the glory days of the Great United States of America. I am referring to the United States that fought in World War II and helped save so  many countries from evil. What would Europe look like today if the United States had not gotten involved?

On September 12th, 2001 the people of America came together as one with a determination to  overcome all obstacles that may lie ahead. “United We Stand” used to be the logo for the pride that most all American’s carried with them on a daily basis. Cars drove around with the Flag of the United States of America proudly displayed everywhere they went. People were just nicer to each other like they were part of the same team – because they were.

“United We Stand”…..how far we have fallen.

Today’s society seems ruled by negativity. Reality TV often preys on the misfortune of others as well as much of the mainstream media. Rather than the celebration of the wonderful things that life has to offer and experience – people celebrate the pitfalls in others peoples lives. A recent example had Hillary Clinton on video laughing – yes laughing it up celebrating the death of Muammar Gaddafi. Listening to her laughing like Obama just told a Monica and Bill joke was flat out embarrassing. Over the past decade people have become so cynical and distrusting of not only the government – but of each other as well. I have to admit that pertaining to the government – there are some very good reasons.

Negativity flourishes as life becomes more and more complicated. Inflation continues to take the hard earned money that people do have. Across the country as school systems struggle with limited budgets they are CHARGING “back to school” fees to raise funds – called Academic Fee’s. School programs such as Band and some Sports are being reduced, charged for, or eliminated all together. What is going to happen to the youth of tomorrow?

As I sit hear and read what I have written thus far – I realize for the most part I am just venting. What I am experiencing here in South Carolina might be quite different than someone who lives in the mid-West or Northern Colorado. What I see is Patriotism diminishing by the day and the spectrum of right and wrong is getting wider as well – with an equal number of people on each end of it. It never ceases to amaze me how people can look at at the same subject and flat out see it so differently. So different in fact – that no compromise can be reached – no common ground can be found.

I do not hide from my belief that much in our government is broken. I believe that there are those over the last 20 years or so that have been elected to office that have played a large part in this countries demise. Worst part is they did it right in front of us and most had no idea. My hope is that someone can come forward and truly lead this country in a direction which will reverse the decay that is eating away at our Freedoms, our Morale Being, and the America that we used to be.




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  1. Completely agree with what you have said……BigBadVoodooDaddy and I had this conversation about two months ago. I’m afraid our system is so broken that you simply can’t take someone good and put them in it and expect them to change the system…..the system simply won’t allow it. What is the solution??? Wish I knew, but I’d hazard a guess and say it is a return to the basic principles the Founding Father’s endowed us with……just not sure how we get there.

  2. 57. That how long I have been here. Sad to say I have never seen the likes of where we are as a nation. I remember the excitement when Reagan was headed to the office and the pride that I had in us as a nation. It started to leave as we lost him a a leader and has went downhil after that. But it has been like we walked off a cliff as our fearless xxxx took office. I see some hope out there but I am not sure if we have a new leader next year that this mess can be fixed. I personally think we will have to colapse and start over using the foundation that this country was founded on to have a chance to stand once again tall and proud as a nation. To much deadwood, too many just wanting a free ride. Keep the faith. Hang in there. Keep doing what you are doing. will and am. Gives me hope that there is more out there. mwp

  3. For what it’s worth: It may appear that the divide isn’t just between Republicans and Democrats but in fact the left has created the divide because they believe they can win elections that way. The so-called 99% aren’t apolitical they are merely puppets of the left. All of this divide in all of it’s incarnations is a political dirty trick to get ONE party elected. Most people who are part of the divide are clueless to this ploy. They have had their noses tweaked and they are more active and angry because of it. The idea is to motivate them to vote for a particular party. There will be much more “division” as the elction grows near.

  4. Aside from a “reset”, I feel that a return to a constitutional form of government would cost the lives of hundreds of thousands maybe as high a tens of millions. The global corporate/political machine simply will not allow their money stream to be interrupted, or a cessation of their power or any disruption of their command and control.
    Just my $0.02.

  5. Well said Rourke, no doubt you have stated what many feel, we seem to have lost our way, but it’s not to late to turn it around. Throughout our short history we have faced many challenges and many enemies but still we are no strangers to victory. Our enemy today may be different but certainly no greater then the ones that came before. Where are enemies usually have come from outside our boarders, more and more we realize they now come from within… in many respects our enemy is ourselves. Culturally, the Progressives are who I blame for most of our societies ills.

    They have waged a mostly, but not always quiet battle to shape our society into something our great grandparents would hardly recognize today. They have slithered inordinately into every aspect of our culture, educational system and government. The freedom and dream chasing you spoke of has been in part replaced by the -fairness doctrine- and the psychology of “the village”. They preach Tolerance while being intolerant of any who don’t goosestep with their ideology. Progressives attempt to force out -god and country- and replace it with multiculturalism and globalism.

    Rourke, we have talked in depth before so you know that I am not a religious man but anyone with two brain cells to rub together understands that christianity is woven throughout the constitution, the bill of rights and the federalist papers. It gives us a set of guidelines, a moral compass with which to judge our own deeds and our own decision making. A person does not have to believe in a supreme being… a divine creator to understand the principles and values christianity gives us.

    The Progressives fight to remove 1st -under god- from our Pledge of Allegiance and then -The Pledge- itself from our schools. Say -The Pledge- to yourself, think about what it means. It’s words make us a part of something bigger then ourselves, it gives each of us individual ownership of our nation, and with that ownership the responsibility to care and protect it. Think about the fact that there are people… born, raised and schooled in this country who don’t know -The pledge- and if told it they would not be able to comprehend it’s meaning.

    I could go on and on but most who visit your site already understand the grand promise American holds for those lucky few who are fortunate enough to be here. Make no mistake, there are many who fight the Progressives at every turn. They don’t win every fight but they win enough to give us hope. While the Progressives force multiculturalism on our society, many still fight to keep the -melting pot- ideals that served us well these many years.

    We are fortunate that we have the capacity to learn from our mistakes, we have learned much these past few years. The progressives may blur the lines between decency, patriotism and a new world order but we are not so blind we cannot see and fight what they do. Despite the increasingly high cost of living…. living remains a popular option, I suspect that as long as we live we will fight for our ideals.

    We may be to far removed from the Norman Rockwell America depicted in his prints to ever return, but I refuse to except defeat when remembering the high cost paid by though’s who came before us. They fought for us and our way of life and for the grand promise of America. We owe it to them to do no less … regardless the enemy.

  6. Rourke,
    I am a faithful follower of you blog, but have never left a comment before. This topic has been weighing heavy on my mind. It is a sad time that we live in. I have a young family with five small children, and thinking about their future is a scary proposition. Like Granite Prepper, I feel that the system is so far gone that no one will be able to fix it. The interest not of the people, but of an elite few is what runs the country, and those in politics will not give up the power and life they have to do what is right. 100 years ago, when a person was born, they existed by the mere fact that they were alive and breathing. They could homestead a piece of land, work hard, live a comfortable life, raise a family, and serve the Lord and others in their spare time. Now, you have to have a SSN, immunizations to get into school, birth certificate to drive, you can never own a house or land (government owns these. You can live mortgage free, but don’t pay property tax, and your property is theirs), everything requires a permit (working on your own house, raising animals, raising food, ect.). The problem is that they got their hands in every pocket in every life, and they are not going to give that up. They recruit good people by the promise of cheap money (student loans) and an easy life. They have struck fear in to the people to the point that it paralysis has taken over. People want tax reform? Then have everyone stop paying taxes. If the IRS did not receive a single tax return for 2011, would that send a message? What could they do. Audit 200 million people? But why doesn’t that happen. Fear!. This orchestration of the elite is really quite remarkable when you stop and think about what has been done. Here in the city I live in (population 200,00) there are over 1200 cameras on the street lights. If you ask the average non alert person, they are for “traffic control”, but the problem is that they are paid for by Homeland Security. What the heck? As to how to fix it, good luck. In my humble opinion, only a complete reset will suffice. When the country is led by people who have to work for living, and volunteer their time and money to politics just like our founding fathers, then you will see a turn around, and a path towards sanity. Keep up the great work, God bless.

    • Stormin –

      Thank you so much for your comments.

      Honestly – you took the words right out of my mouth. Our Freedom continues to diminish and I see new generations of people do not realize what is happening.

      Thanks – Rourke

  7. We feel the same way here in Ohio! I was hoping it was just me. I feel as though things are so messed up in all areas of government, and society, and in general. Things are so out of hand I worry they will never be straightened out, the job is just too big. I worry most for my children, and the fact that they will never live in a world like I knew growing up, let alone the way it was in “the good old days” of my father and generations before him. God bless the U.S.!

  8. Rourke,

    This is kind of a departure from the stuff you usally write about on here. However, it would seem that venturing into politics is a necessary evil on a site like this one. Why do I write this? It is because of the very nature of the governmental systems that we have in place in this country that are causing ALL of the problems we have today. It would seem that it is the reason why dozens of great sites like yours and other exist online in the first place! I could go on and on about policy, the Federal Reserve and historical presidence but I don’t think it would be anything that most people have not heard or read before on the internet.

    You said that…. “I believe that there are those over the last 20 years or so that have been elected to office that have played a large part in this countries demise.”

    It’s been going on a lot longer than that my friend, I would think that the slow path to destruction of this nation began in December of 1913 when our own government and Woodrow Wilson signed in the Federal Reserve Act. Things have been on a slow and steady decline since that time. It has taken these people 100 years (a testament to the American people’s resolve) but I think they have finally got their wish. They are going to destroy this country and bring it to it’s knees. Shape it and remold it to their liking.

    Who are these peole I speak of? I have seen some people say that they are the elites, government, shadow governments, corporations etc. That cold be possible but I think it is a very small cabal of bankers who run this country and control it’s military establishment. Their system is failing and they know it, once it falls, they can put in place something that will fit there needs and keep us enslaved to an even greater degree. I fear that it will come at a very steep price and we will see a lot of pain and bloodshed for them to acheive their psychopathic goals.

    Will these people get there? I don’t know.They seem to have a lot of power and technology is REALLY on their side. But I do know this much. Historically, it has been tried before many times and has always failed. Why will it succeed now?

    People have to realize something. This is nothing new folks. Small groups of monied individuals have been trying to do this since the Holy Roman Empire. Spain. France. Britain. They have all failed. The U.S. is next. The next empire to fall. Who or what will replace it? China? Russia perhaps? The U.N.? It is hard to say, I just know that a paradigm shift is coming and we all need to prepare ourselves for that change. How will we adapt to it? That is something people should focus on. It is beyond fixing at this point.

    Life will not be the same and America will NEVER go back to “what it once was”…..this is the nature of empires and the men who try to construct them.

    Here is a good book that I would suggest ALL of you should read.

    It’s called the Fourth Turning.


    These guys were called crackpots when the book first came out, which is when I read it. They are not looked upon that way any longer. They basically predicted that a housing bubble or some other type of financial calamity woud occur in 2006 and they wrote about it back in 1997! They were only off by 2 years!

    I don’t know what the future holds for this country but I do know what we will NEVER know the kind of prosperity we knew in the past. The fiat money pyramid scheme is headed for a collapse, it is mathematically inevitable, and has happened with all fiat currencies since the beginning of “fake money”. I just hope it is a soft landing.

    I don’t count on that and I know there will be much pain and misery.

    May G-d Bless all of you and keep you safe from harm.


  9. Venting or not, hell of a post.
    America was founded by great men who were willing to fight for what they believed were basic tenents. I believe the very backbone argument that these men had was not the argument of religious freedom, not so much even the arguemnt of self government (although that was certainly a big one), but rather, I believe the main argument, the main reason to be willing to fight and even die for what they believed in was the argument against TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION.
    I always hear people talk about history repeating itself. In those days it was the King of England getting rich off the working class. We seem to have simply replaced the King with Congress. The taxation history has certainly repeated itself. Is the answer for armed revolution to repeat itself?
    If a building has foundation problems, I know of only two answers to fix the problem: 1) strengthen the foundation, or 2) allow the building to crumble. If America is allowed to crumble, there may be many willing to fight, but I believe it will be fighting for the sake of fighting, not fighting for a specific purpose. Not the answer. The answer is to strengthen the foundation. But, sadly, that brings me right back to your point: what do you do when sides are so split, so enamored with their own ideas, they are not even willing to work together?
    Thanks for the great site.

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