Unique solar lighting product…the LuminAID

I recently got an email from the company EarthEasy. They are a leading supplier of the excellent LifeStraw water filter and carry numerous  products and just recently released the LuminAID.


The LuminAID is a solar powered, rechargeable lamp that provides LED light for 8+ hours.  Unique is that the light is housed inside an inflatable “pillow” which is not only waterproof, but floats. The lamp can be hung easily.



This is not a review – I do not have one….yet. Just something that looked pretty cool and potentially has some very valid uses. At a price of $19.95 – not too bad. Thought I would pass it on.


For more information visit this webpage.


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  1. got 1a year ago when they first launched. nice product, and good support. after 6 mos the on/off switch to the solar panel quit working and they shipped me a new one, no questions asked.

  2. Good to know, @Lisa, thank you for sharing!expecting to see mine by this weekend, or early next week, so expect a review, @Rourke!

  3. Got mine this week! They came already charged, but I charged ’em some more. They actually do provide a good bit of light. IDK about being able to read by it, but for safety, they can light enough to make the walk to the latrine safer. And I like that they could float if needed. Glad to hear Lisa’s experience w/customer support.

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