Two strains of bird flu spreading

Over the past few weeks two strains of bird flue have been being reported on. One exists here in the United States and has resulted in the destruction of over 40,000 turkeys to try to minimize the spread. This is the H5N2 strain.

The second strain – the H7N9 – is currently in China. It is being found both in poultry and in humans. It is being reported that this strain could result in a massive pandemic if not brought under control.

Here are several links pertaining to the the H5N2 and H7N9 bird flu strains:–finance.html

I am not suggesting the world will end tomorrow due to bird flu. No – I am sure that both of these strains will be kept under control. BUT – you never know.

The Coach sent in the links. Thanks Coach!


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5 thoughts on “Two strains of bird flu spreading”

  1. Thank you for heads up. By the way, I heard Obama has appointed an Islamist to be Assistant Director for Homeland Security for US citizenship and immigration, Fatima Noor.

  2. Good thing PM Ben Nentenyahu was re=elected.The world needs every sane thinking leaders re: ISIS etc.
    Too bad about the bird flu-thanks for the inf. If you like turkey buy it now because the prices will definitely soar
    with a shortage.
    Thats an outrage re Homeland security.It will be a miracle if we can sustain America until Obama is out of office.

  3. Amen Arlene. My wife and I were both praying for the PMs re-election. I firmly believe that those nations who befriend Israel will be in turn richly blessed by the hand of God.

  4. Panhandle R – yes I we also prayed that Nentanyahu was re-elected -prayer is powerful.Nice in you shared on your water system !!!! Arlene


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