Twenty-one questions about Ebola: government propaganda, medical corruption and bioweapons experiments

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor 

(NaturalNews) Something’s fishy about the official stories we’re being told on Ebola. Things don’t add up, which is why I’m posing these twenty-one important questions we should all be considering:

#1) How can U.S. health authorities claim there is zero risk from Ebola patients being treated in U.S. hospitals when those same hospitals can’t control superbug infections? “Many hospitals are poorly prepared to contain any pathogen. That’s why at least 75,000 people a year die from hospital infections. If hospitals can’t stop common infections like MRSA, C. diff and VRE, they can’t handle Ebola.” – Fox News (1)


#2) Why should we trust the CDC’s handling of Ebola when the agency can’t even keep track of its anthrax, avian flu and smallpox samples?

#3) Why were Ebola victims transported to cities in the USA when they could be given state-of-the-art medical care overseas? “Now, they are bringing in highly infectious patients into this nation that is Ebola-free. In doing so, they are violating the primary rule of contagion: isolation.” – Radio host Michael Savage (2)

#4) Why is the company working on Ebola vaccines — Tekmira — receiving money from Monsanto and considers Monsanto to be one of its important business partners? (3)

#5) If Ebola is “not a threat” to U.S. citizens as government authorities keep claiming, then why did the U.S. Department of Defense spend $140 million on an Ebola-related contract with the Tekmira company?

#6) If Ebola is not a threat to the U.S., then why did the Department of Defense deploy Ebola detection equipment to all 50 states? (4)

#7) Why did President Obama just sign a new executive order authorizing the government arrest and quarantine of Americans who show symptoms of respiratory infections? (5)

The language of his new executive order states that government officials may forcibly detain and quarantine people with:

…diseases that are associated with fever and signs and symptoms of pneumonia or other respiratory illness, are capable of being transmitted from person to person, and that either are causing, or have the potential to cause, a pandemic, or, upon infection, are highly likely to cause mortality or serious morbidity if not properly controlled.

#8) How can we trust a government to tell us the truth about Ebola when that same government repeatedly lies about Swine Flu, influenza, Fukushima radiation, weather control technology, the security of the border and seemingly everything else?

#9) If U.S. doctors claim to be so incredibly careful around Ebola that the virus could not possibly escape from the containment rooms at Emory University, then how did the American doctors being treated there contract Ebola in the first place? Weren’t they also being careful?

#10) How are U.S. doctors and health workers supposed to even identify people with Ebola when they appear “fit and healthy” right until the very end? “What’s shocking is how healthy the patients look before they die and how quickly they decline. A number of the Ebola patients I’ve seen look quite fit and healthy and can be walking around until shortly before their deaths.” – Dr. Oliver Johnson (6)

#11) If Ebola is not spread through the air as some claim, then why do doctors who treat Ebola patients always wear masks?

#12) If hospitals are good at infection control, then why did so many SARS victims contract the infection while sitting in waiting rooms at hospitals? “A government report later concluded that for the hospital overcome by SARS, ‘infection control was not a high priority.’ Eventually, 77% of the people who contracted SARS there got it while working, visiting or being treated in a hospital.” – Fox News (7)

#13) If Ebola escapes from patients at Emory University and begins to infect the public, do you think we would ever be told the truth about it? Or instead, would the official story claim that “Ebola terrorists” let it loose?

#14) WHO BENEFITS FROM AN EBOLA OUTBREAK in the USA? This is a key question to ask, and the answers are obvious: the CDC, vaccine manufacturers and pharma companies, and anyone in government who wants to declare a police state and start rounding people up for quarantine in a medical emergency.

#15) We already know there are powerful people who openly promote population reduction (Bill Gates, Ted Turner, etc.) Is a staged Ebola outbreak possibly a deliberate population reduction plan by some group that doesn’t value human life and wants to rapidly reduce the population?

#16) Why are U.S. health authorities intentionally concealing from the public the true number of possible Ebola victims in U.S. hospitals who are being tested for Ebola right now? “In an apparent attempt to avoid hysteria, U.S. health authorities are withholding details about a number of suspected Ebola victims from the public.” – Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars (8)

#17) If Ebola infections are so easy to control (as is claimed by U.S. health authorities), then why are Ebola victim bodies being openly dumped in the streets in West Africa? “Relatives of Ebola victims in Liberia defied government quarantine orders and dumped infected bodies in the streets as West African governments struggled to enforce tough measures to curb an outbreak…” – Reuters (9)

#18) Why do many locals in Sierra Leone truly believe the recent Ebola outbreak was deliberately caused by government officials? “Ebola is a new disease in Sierra Leone and when the first cases emerged, many people thought it might be a government conspiracy to undermine certain tribal groups, steal organs or get money from international donors…” – The Daily Mail (6)

#19) Given that the U.S. government has already funded outrageous medical experiments on Americans and foreigners (see the NIH-funded Guatemalan medical experiments), why should we not believe the government is capable of deploying Ebola in bioweapons experiments in West Africa?

#20) Given that many vaccines accidentally cause the disease they claim to prevent (due to weakened viruses still remaining active in a small number of vaccine vials), isn’t it likely that Ebola vaccines might actually cause Ebola infections in some percentage of those receiving them? How can we trust any vaccines when vaccine manufacturers have been granted absolute legal immunity from faulty products or failures in quality control?

#21) How can we trust a medical system that continues to put mercury in flu shots, refuses to recommend vitamin D to cancer patients and has been criminally corrupted to the point where drug companies are routinely charged with felony crimes for bribery and price fixing?

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  1. I have another one…….

    Why did Obama have the delegates from all African Nations flown to this country for a White House Dinner when Africa is plainly the hotspot for Ebola outbreaks? Why weren’t these people quarantined, given health checks, etc. and instead specifically brought into this country with their staff for such a frivolous purpose as to give the President some social points? We should be banning entrance from this countries until the outbreak is under control instead of inviting these carriers in. Are we so sanctimonious and to believe that Ebola can’t spread to Americans or just plain stupid?

  2. Wasn’t there a movie that showed a viral outbreak that was controlled by using a thermal-nuclear device to alleviate the spread? More people die from Flu outbreaks than have died from Ebola. Look at Malaria, Dengue Fever, and Tuberculosis. Anyone working on a vaccine for these? Too much money to be made by treating versus prevention.

    Maybe in 14 days the White House will display symptoms proving that someone was a carrier of the disease.

  3. Methane Creator (love that…), I believe that nuclear idea is a scenario in Stephen King’s The Stand. May be wrong…but I think that’s right.

  4. It’s concerning that flights from infected areas are still going on with little precaution. We can imagine how things might go if we had our own Patient Zero. He flies into the U.S. from Africa. He has the sniffles but nothing else. He can’t keep his hands off his nose during his long flight home. He changes planes twice. All along his journey he’s touching door knobs, flush handles, luggage compartments, bar glasses, armrests, and so on. He arrives home and kisses his wife and kids… repeatedly. He’s feeling a bit worse but it’s just a cold. He resumes his normal activities, work, handball at the club, dinner out with the family and friends and a trip to the grocery store with the wife. He’s now sneezing and coughing… the point at which Ebola becomes airborne. His wife and kids are also sick, but have continued to go to school and work, everything they touch… everyone else touches. Patient Zero finally goes to the doctor. More door knobs, more flush handles, more counter-tops. The receptionist hands him a clipboard and pen. He fills out the paperwork and hands it back to the receptionist. She swaps out the filled out form with a blank copy and hands it to the next patient. She picks up the phone and makes a call. She hangs up and a co-worker picks up the phone and punches keys. Patient Zero starts coughing up blood, they send him to the hospital. More door knobs, clipboards, magazines in the waiting room, more coughing and sneezing and on and on. There may be 200 unsuspecting people infected, it may be 2000 people infected…. it might be far more…. And Patient Zero? Well, he won’t get diagnosed with Ebola for 5 more days…..

  5. Methane Creator,
    The movie was “Outbreak” starring Dustin Hoffman and Rene Russo. An recently captured monkey brought in illegally was the vector with an unidentified virus. It displayed much like Ebola. And of course our benevolent government decided a nuc was the answer.

  6. Most thought provoking! I commend the author for his research and his stimulating questions. I would say with the exception of Infowars, they were mainly reliable sources. I am vehemently opposed to bringing ANY individual contaminated with such a deadly contagious disease, anywhere near the United States. Accidents happen, mistakes can be made and the potential consequences just are not worth saving any one particular person. I don’t care who he or she is! To compound this frightening situation, WE CANNOT TRUST THE CURRENT LEADERSHIP OR MEDIA TO TELL US THE TRUTH. That is the scariest part of all!

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