Trying a new holster….

I recently received a new holster to try out carrying my Smith & Wesson M&P9. The holster is made by Aegis Armory and the model I selected is the “Shield” hybrid. I am just now trying it out and so far I am loving it. The M&P9 is held securely in place via the Kydex molded sheath. The backing for the holster is genuine leather.

I choose black Kydex with dark brown leather  – but they have tons of options available. It seems to be pretty versatile as it can be carried inside the waistband or outside – your choice.



I will report back on how I like it in a few weeks. In case you are wondering – my normal carry holster is a Fobus paddle model.

Anyone else have any history with the Aegis?


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  1. I have used a CrossBreed “Super Tuck” for the last four years. I think they originated this type of holster. It’s a great way to carry.

  2. I got mine in August and love it!! It made my 1911 disappear ! My wife didn’t even see an outline and all I wear is a thin T-shirt.. I plan on adding several more!

  3. I recently picked up an Alien Gear Holster for my Ruger SR40…IWB…may get one for the Shield 29.88 they are very low priced for such a great quality piece.

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