Top doc: ‘Several people were exposed,’ more will be infected by Dallas Ebola case

As more information is brought froward regarding the person and their travels who has been diagnosed in Dallas, Texas it is becoming more concerning. It appears that this person visited the hospital at least once and was provided some antibiotics and sent home.  Let’s hope that is where it ends but it does not look good. Time to panic? No – but as always awareness is valuable as well as preparations.

– – – Rourke


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  1. as of this moment, the poor man is in critical condition. as awful as it is that he wasn’t isolated the first time he went to the hospital, it’s also sad that the hospital personnel sent him home with antibiotics–for the flu! a hospital? really? sounds like their staff needs a lot more basic training before they can even think about containing an outbreak. pathetic.

    • teabag – The evidence is nt there yet to say if the hospital did anything wrong from what I have seen. If he told them that he had been recently over to Liberia and was around Ebola – then they are idiots. If he lied like he did on his paperwork when he came over – then they treated him like anyone else with flu-like symptoms.

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