Top 3 firearms when on a budget…..

In today’s volatile economy there are many out there preparing for bad times ahead and are frustrated due to tight budgets. Firearms are expensive but a very necessary part of any preparedness system.

My opinion on this subject changes from time to time. New firearms are brought to market, political “storms” can influence selections, and, well….personal preferences just change sometimes.


For those looking to build a budget battery of firearms –  I am going to propose the following:

#1. ShotgunThere are numerous shotguns in the market ranging in price from $150 and up. There is likely not another firearm that has the versatility and shear butt-whooping power as the 12 gauge shotgun. When on a budget – this could be your main defensive firearm.

A few budget-minded models to look at are the Savage 350, H&R Pardner, Mossberg Maverick “88”, and on the upper-end of budget the base model Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 Tactical Express.


Savage Defensive Shotgun


#2. Ruger 10/22 Semi-Automatic Rimfire Rifle – I originally was going to call #2 “.22LR semi-automatic rifle” but the reality is that the 10/22 is the standard by which all others are judged. At around $200 you get a superbly reliable firearm that has good accuracy and can hold 10 rounds in its rotary box magazine. The Ruger 10/22 can fill just about every role that it can be called to do  including defense. Yes – it’s just a .22LR but 10 rounds (or 25 with the Ruger 25-rd BX-25 factory magazine) zinging in the direction of a would-be evil brigand just might make them move on down the road for easier prey.

There are other quality semi-automatic rimfires in the same price range or cheaper than the Ruger – but the 10/22 is by far my favorite.


#3. 9mm Semi-Automatic Pistol – Yes – a 9mm, not a 45ACP or 40S&W. There are lots of great choices which to purchase for between $280 and $400. These choices include the S&W SD9, Stoeger 9mm Cougar, and many models from Taurus – among others. The 9mm pistol can be easily transported, concealed, and brought into action quickly. Certainly if your preference is a 45ACP or 40S&W – no problem.

sd9These kinds of articles can be fun. The real truth is get what you can afford and fits your economics and situation. Being armed is important as when the cow patties hit that ceiling fan – you need to be able to protect your family….and your stuff.

Take care all –


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3 thoughts on “Top 3 firearms when on a budget…..”

  1. Agree with you on the shotgun. The Maverick 88 (Moss 500 with cheaper furniture) is the lowest end shotgun I would personally be comfortable with. That being said a few smart folks really like the H&R Pardner.

    For the .22 I have to quibble. I love me some 10/22 but you can get a Marlin model 60 for 2/3rds to half the money. Also that is tube fed saves on mags.

    For the pistol you listed some good options. I generally prefer an older S&W or Ruger .38/.357 but aside from occasional finds the 9mm’s you listed are a better deal and a more serviceable weapon (plus cheaper ammo). I would go with a S&W SD9/SV9 or a Ruger LC9 and avoid companies that do not build to a professional standard like Taurus, Kel Tech, etc. Unsure about Stoeger.

  2. good choices, at least to me. . . . I have all three and am pleased with all 3. . . . not everyone has the finances to go commando and buy the high dollar stuff. Good tom see someone at least preaching common sense. . . . I am waiting for the .45 ONLY crowd to start their yelling.


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